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YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and is packed with content that tackles every subject imaginable – from sex and sexual health, to relationships, body positivity and everything in-between. In this blog, we take a little look at some of our favourites. Who are your favourite YouTubers? Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram.


We’ve shared quite a few of Hannah Witton’s videos over the years. The British sex and relationships influencer is one of our favourites for a reason. No nonsense, down-to-earth advice on everything from IUDs to lube and periods to body positivity.


Recommended by one of the Play Safe Mod Squad, Ash Hardell describes themself as ‘hella queer’ and this incredible channel explores issues relevant to queer people and everyone else, including myths about bi women with boyfriends and what it means to be asexual and aromantic. A huge amount of content exists for gender non conforming people, and – with Ash’s entertaining and informative way of presenting – it’s easy to see why the channel has become so successful.


Irish YouTuber Riyadh K makes videos about his life, including videos tackling all things LGBTQ+. He isn’t shy about tackling taboo subjects and his infectious personality makes his channel an instant hit.


One of the original sex education YouTubers the USA’s Laci Green has over 1.4million subscribers and tackles subjects as diverse as orgasms and consent to feminism and fetishes. Again, what makes the channel a success is Laci’s peer-to-peer approach which relates perfectly with her audience. 


Did you know that Play Safe has its own YouTube channel too? We feature advice and guidance from our volunteer Forum Moderators (The Mod Squad). From condom advice to sharing their worst dating stories, hear it straight from NSW’s very own sex educators.


Okay, okay this one’s not a YouTube channel but we love this Instagram channel which aims to give you ‘The Sex Ed You Wished You’d Had’. Go on, give them a like.


*The YouTubers mentioned in this article express their own opinions, which are not necessarily those of Play Safe. We do like that they tackle challenging conversations to support open communication, sexual health and personal responsibility.