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Does anxiety impact your sex life?

Sexual health isn’t just about STIs. It’s also about feeling safe in your own body, being able to experience pleasure, and being confident to make decisions that are right for…

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What does the word “sex” mean to you?

Have you just started our ‘Have I got an STI?’ quiz but you’re not sure if the questions apply to you? That’s because sex isn’t quite as simple as it…

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Visiting a Youth Health Service

A Youth Health WHAT?  What is a Youth Health Service? And what should you expect when you visit one?  A Youth Health Service is a FREE, SAFE, & CONFIDENTIAL place…

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Doctors. They’re not that scary

Making an appointment and visiting a medical centre or sexual health clinic can be overwhelming. Just like anyone else, young people under 18 years of age have the right to …

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Am I Gay?

Heaps of young people ask me if being attracted to someone who is the same sex makes them gay. So I asked Terence Humphries from Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW (Gay…

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