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Condoms. They’re the only contraception that protects against both unwanted pregnancy and STIs, yet for some reason they often get a bad rap. From being seen as an interruption, to people feeling awkward about using them, we’ve heard it all.

Personally, we reckon there is nothing awkward about taking control of your sexual health. But, if condoms make you a little nervous, here are some top tips to turn yourself from a condom newbie to a condom master.

Step no.1 to putting on a condom without being awkward:
Have the condom ready

If there is one thing that’s a passion killer, it’s hunting around in the bedside table draw or digging around in your handbag looking for a condom. Make sure you know where your condoms are so that when the moment comes, you’re ready. Remember to check the date on your condoms every now and then too. An out-of-date condom is a no-go as it’s more prone to breaking.

Step no.2 to putting on a condom without being awkward:
Know what you’re doing

The best way to put a condom on quickly is to practice, practice, practice. If you’ve got a penis, why not practice putting on a condom during masturbation? That way, when it comes to sex with a partner you’re ready with your A-game. It’s also a great chance to experiment with different brands and sizes too (yep, condoms come in different sizes…so there really are no excuses!). If you haven’t got a penis, you can still practice putting on a condom (get confident putting one on a partner or a sex toy that you’re planning to share). Practice on a dildo/vibrator/or anything suitable that you find lying around the house. Banana anyone?

Step no.3 to putting on a condom without being awkward:
Don’t rush

To minimise the risk of a condom breaking or coming off during sex, it needs to be rolled down fully to the base of an erect penis. Take your time and enjoy lots of foreplay so that you’re both as aroused as possible before reaching for the condom. Take your time getting the condom on right too; it’ll be worth the wait.

Step no.4 to putting on a condom without being awkward:
Don’t hesitate if it goes wrong

Did you know it’s actually super easy to accidentally put a condom on inside out? If something goes wrong when you’re putting a condom on, throw it away (don’t use the same one as some pre-cum may have gotten on to it), grab another one and start again. You’ve got this.

Step no.5 to putting on a condom without being awkward:
Remember – Condoms are sexy

Yep, you read that right. Using condoms shows that you take your health and the health of your partner seriously. In that few seconds of opening a foil packet and rolling on a condom, you’ve demonstrated a lot about yourself. And there’s truly nothing sexier than someone who respects themselves and respects the person they’re having sex with.

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