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Condoms. They’re the only contraception that protects against both unwanted pregnancy and STIs, yet they can cause people a whole lot of stress when it comes to putting them on properly and looking v. natural doing so. To combat this, here are some our our tips to putting on condoms like a pro. 

1. Have the condom ready

If there is one thing that’s a passion killer, it’s hunting around in the bedside table draw or digging around in your handbag looking for a condom (or lube for that matter). Make sure you know where your condoms are so that when the moment comes, you’re ready. Remember to check the expiry date on your condoms before you use them too becuase expired condoms are more prone to breaking (not ideal!).

2. Know what you’re doing

The best way to put a condom on is to practice. If you’ve got a penis, why not practice putting on a condom when you’re masturbating? That way, when it comes to having sex with a partner you’re all set and know exactly what to do. It will also give you a chance to try a bunch of different brands, sizes and styles to find the condom that’s right for you. Win, win! 

If you haven’t got a penis, you can still practice putting on a condom by practicing practice on a sex toy (dildo, vibrator etc.) or find something around the house that could do the trick (bananas,  zucchinis, carrots, end of a hairbrush, cucumbers etc.). Don’t forgot to wash the item afterwards to get rid of any leftover lube from the condom. 

If all else failed and you’re feeling a bit lost, google it! 

3. Don’t rush

To reduce the risk of an external condom breaking or coming off during sex, it needs to be rolled down fully to the base of an erect penis. Take your time and enjoy lots of foreplay so that you’re both as aroused as possible before reaching for the condom (but don’t wait too long obviously). 

4. Don’t freak out if your first try isn’t quite right 

It’s actually pretty easy to accidentally put on a condom the wrong way around, so if it happens to you, don’t stress. No matter how many condoms you’ve put on, these sorts of things happen so honestly a condom on inside out so if that, or something like that happens don’t stress, no one will (or should) think anything of it.  If you do put on the condom the wrong way around, get a little hole in it or something just doesn’t seem right with it. Pop it in the bin, grab a new one and try again. You’ve got this! 


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