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    Sorry i have another question..
    Does anyone get flank/kidney pain during the time of their period?
    Ive had a kidney infection before and thats the only way i can describe how much pain there is in that area every time i have my period. sometimes its not to bad but if i skip 2 or more months (which is the norm for me) its basically incapacitates me even with pain relief. feels like someones in there squeezing and pokeing it!

    im getting tested for endometriosis and pcos soon with a gynaecologist so ill talk to them as well but wondered if anyone else had this sort of pain?

    along with the kidney pain, i get ovary, groin, abdominal (upper and lower) and back pain along with leg pain that makes me go stiff so i have trouble walking so im not sure if the pain from this is causing the kidney pain too.


    @butterfly01 Totally okay to have a ton of questions about your body! More than happy to offer any advice I have. I don’t get kidney pain but I do get really bad abdominal pain! It’s undiagnosed though, been checked over and it’s not cysts, PCOS or endometriosis. No idea what it is but oh my god does it hurt when I have my period!

    I’ve found a heat pack really helps me and a warm bath. Also checking in with my GP regularly in case anything changes. I hope you find out what the source of your pain is.

    Maybe @nurse_nettie has some more information on period pain?


    Thank you @tea

    its like i get a kidney infection every time i have a period. Really strange and is semi new so ill meantion it to my gp and gynaecologist when i get a chance to see them as well but wondered if anyone else had experienced this too.

    painkillers, heatpacks and hot showers are my best friends during that time of the month!


    @butterfly01 it’s great to hear your getting your period pain checked by a doctor & a gynaecologist. Generally mild lower abdominal cramping is normal however if it’s worse than this let your doctor know.


    thank you @Nurse_nettie for the info, ill be sure to let the health professionals know about the pains i experience when i see them again


    Heya @butterfly01 I feel you! I get awwwwffffful period pain, and it’s like it takes over my whole lower body – from my kidneys and lower back, in my abdomen, all the way down to my knees like my groin and quads are super tight – but only when I’m on my period, or just before. It was so bad that I actually had it checked out by my OBGYN, including a hysteroscopy for it. Nothing showed though, so I guess for some of us it’s just tough luck :/ It’s definitely something worth mentioning to your doc next time you see them though – they’ll have a better idea if it warrants further investigation, and even if they think it’s normal, they might have some good suggestions on how to better manage the pain!

    Hope it works out for you 🙂


    Yay for hot showers! @butterfly01, I hope you get some solid answers from your health care professionals! 🙂


    thank you @tea and @kitkat
    im still waiting on an appointment, i was suppose to hear back in april and still havent so may have to do some enquiries

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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