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    There’s moment that he wants to smell me down there. Sometimes, i worry if he will like the way I smell? can anyone share their experience? What i try to do is to take a shower before we do it.


    I think generally if there is an offensive smell, it might indicate that something is amiss. Otherwise, I’ve found that vaginas smell fairly neutral. Like you would expect a body part to smell. I would say, if anything, people like the way their partners’ genitals smell, or at least aren’t offended by it. Showering isn’t a bad idea though, particularly if you’ve been working out or doing other sweat-producing things. 


    My experience is to have open communication about it. “Hey, do I smell okay? If not, I can take a shower.” I’d be happy to hear that from a partner, it shows they care.


    I agree with both @Aunt_Flo and @walk_on_walls. If there is a really bad smell best to get it checked. But a quick was beforehand is always helpful 🙂


    I have found using flushable wipes helps to ‘freshen’ up. These are in the supermarket near the toilet paper 


    Great topic! Just want to add that although a change in vaginal odour (especially if it’s strongly fishy or unpleasant) can be a sign of a mild infection like bacterial vaginosis(BV), a healthy vagina is NOT odorless! Have a good whiff — vaginas should have that special vaginal scent!  😉 

    Unfortunately there are a lot of products on the market designed to make girls feel anxious about totally normal & nice(!) vaginal smell! Not only are they unnecessary, but feminine washes, douches & perfumed sprays can actually mess with the natural balance in the vagina and cause smelly infections like BV!


    If they wants to smell it, that’s a pretty good sign they are into it.
    i like to shower before hand, and keep baby wipes in my toilet.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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