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What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis isn’t an STI and it only affects girls. But, it can happen when having sex without a condom because semen can make bacteria in your vagina multiply. 

Are there any symptoms?

You won’t always notice symptoms. If you do, you may have white or grey discharge coming from your vagina. Sometimes it can smell ‘fishy’.

How do you catch it?

Because it’s not an STI you can’t catch it or pass it on to someone. 

Let's talk about prevention

Use a condom when you’re having oral, vaginal or anal sex.  Make sure you clean your sex toys after using them. Don’t use smelling oils, soaps, gels or creams on your vagina. This can change the level of healthy bacteria in your vagina. And If you have your period, change your sanitary pads and tampons every 4-6 hours.  

How to get tested and treated

A doctor or nurse will take a swab from your vagina to test for bacterial vaginosis. If you have bacterial vaginosis your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics or cream. Make sure you finish all the antibiotics, even if your symptoms go away. 

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