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    There are some great posts already on the forum about the different types of condoms and where to get them:

    Condom recommendations?   | FREE CONDOMS????

    but I was wondering if anyone has tried flavoured condoms? I’ve never tried them before and I guess I’m just curious, are they only meant for oral sex? Do they make you smell like whatever flavour down there afterwards? Does anyone have any recommendations on flavoured condoms?


    I’ve not tried them for oral sex, but I’ve used them on those banana penises you use for sex ed class.

    They were (of course) banana flavoured. They smelled like those fake banana lollies. Not a fan!

    Not that latex tastes delicious, but I’d rather just use a regular condom than fuss around with flavours, personally.


    I’ve not tried flavoured condoms in fact, I usually stay very far away from them because I’m scared the extra chemicals will give me a yeast infection – yay for a sensitive vag!

    I’m so curious if the ‘flavour’ is in the condoms or just in the lube that it’s coated in.

    I’ve tried flavoured lube for oral sex though, and it was actually okay! It made the experience a little bit more interesting. I used the durex strawberry flavoured one, it was pretty sickly sweet. I’ve just been delivered a box of 5 different flavours of lube to taste test for a job (what the heck is my life). So, I’ll report back and let you know if all flavoured lubes are crazy sweet.


    That’s actually a really interesting point @sextronaut! I didn’t even consider the fact that the extra chemicals may cause infections. Will probably steer clear of them actually then, I too have a sensitive vag haha.

    That sounds like a fun job! Definitely let us know what you think of them. I’ve actually never used lube either tbh.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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