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    I’d love to say this will be my last question about Herpes, but that’s probably unlikely.
    I keep seeing videos and things that are like “HSV 1 is on the mouth and HSV 2 is on the genitals” – I get that these are their usual homes (is that right?) but defs possible to have them in other places right? Like how if you have a cold sore from HSV1 and you give oral sex to someone, they could then get HSV1 on their genitals, right?
    I just wonder if perhaps it’s misleading that we always hear about HSV1 is the mouth one and HSV2 is the genital one. Thoughts?


    Hey @HoneyPot just going to link you to this article that @peachy posted in another thread, which I think might answer your question?

    The most common cause of genital herpes now is type 1 herpes which comes from the mouth, whereas it used to be type 2″

    I guess as sexual activity changes, so does the way in which we contract STI’s? Interesting article.


    I agree @HoneyPot, I know loads of people who have Type 1 on the genitals from having oral sex with someone. I also don’t like how people are like “I have type 1 on my mouth (i.e. coldsores) and that’s fine” and yet there is so much stigma about having type 1 genitally even though it’s the EXACT same thing. I think it’s pretty unlikely to have Type 2 on the mouth though. Maybe @Nurse_Nettie can offer some perspective! 


    Funny you should say that @jessica because I’ve actually heard people downplaying their herpes by saying that its type 1 and saying its more like a cold sore, and not type 2 which is the “actual” genital herpes. which I don’t personally agree with because it really throws people with type 2 under the bus. 


    Great thread folks!  Here are the key points which you all have mostly covered above:

    1) Herpes Type 1 is easily transmitted between the mouth and genitals. It is the cause of about half of genital herpes and almost all mouth herpes. 

    2) Herpes Type 2 prefers the genitals and is not easily transmitted to the mouth. It is the cause of about half of genital herpes and rarely found on the mouth.

    3) Neither type is the “good” one or the “bad” one. Herpes1 & 2 can cause painful blisters or nothing at all! Most people with either type of herpes don’t know they have it because they have no symptoms or very mild symptoms.


    I’m loving all of these facts on contracting the virus and how to reduce spreading the virus! I’ve been really stressed out this year and had a terrible break out over Christmas that lasted three weeks!! It was awful, I didn’t leave the house.

    So I wanted to talk a little bit about keeping those nasty boys away (how I keep them away anyway, there are SO many methods to controlling symptoms)! Generally, I’ll take a Lysine tablet daily because it inhibits the absorption of Arginine in the intestine, which the HSV-1 virus needs to thrive. You can read more about Lysine here. If I’m having an outbreak I’ll take three tablets a day until symptoms subside, otherwise once a day works fine.

    On top of the Lysine tablets, I keep a tube of Zovirax on me at all times, applying when I feel *that* tingle. As well as keeping some Compeed patches handy for night time if needed (these are especially good for preventing the spread of any blisters that form)! 

    A super duper lifesaver for me has also been Famvir which you can get behind the counter at any pharmacy. You take a dose of three tablets at once at the first sign of an outbreak, the earlier the better. Every time I’ve gotten to these bad boys in time, I haven’t had an outbreak occur. I love them, but you can’t take them super frequently, so consult your GP if you need something stronger more regularly. 

    But, guys, okay here’s my little secret to you. Recently because of my stress, and reoccurring outbreaks, the combination of everything listed above has just not been working for me. So I did what all good people do in times of need and did a Google search. What did I find? Coconut Oil. GUYS oh my god!! Seriously please go get yourself a jar of organic virgin coconut oil (I recommend from Aldi because it’s only $4.50 a jar!!). I’ve been applying this to my lips with a Q-Tip on the reg, and wow. I was on the verge of an outbreak and doing this stopped HSV-1 right in its tracks. Also, not 100% recommended depending on your dietary needs, but I also ingest ONE tablespoon of this oil daily too (which has been said to counteract the virus and suppress symptoms).

    If you have any cool tips on keeping symptoms at bay please share! There can never be enough.


    I only recently found out that TWO OUT OF THREE people in the world have herpes. Yet I knew pretty much next to nothing about it. Thanks for such an informative thread everyone. 

    If you’ve not heard of Ella Dawson – her Ted Talk about having Herpes is really worth a watch: (recommended by @Nurse_Nettie


    It depends on what type of herpes you mean. I was surprised to find out that HSV1 can be contagious genitally. How contagious is HSV 1 genitally?


    Very good point @huliana, definitely something I was surprised about too! I think a lot of people don’t know about the transmission because of the negative social stigma attached to herpes, so if we don’t talk about it we don’t know about it! Disclosing this kind of information to partners is important in stopping that spread to genitals.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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