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    Is anyone else using the implanon, and have you noticed any side effects from having it? 


    My sister is using an implant. Pill does not work well for her as she often forgot to take it. Her doctor recommended her to use implant. She seems happy with this method as it will lasts for several years and she suits her busy life style.


    I’ve known a few people who have used it. I’ve heard mostly positive things and it was mostly done for convenience purposes. I do know someone that was hospitalised as a result of something that had gone wrong, but it is the same with any medication – always a risk and chance, but not likely.

    A third friend used it and didn’t like it as she bled constantly, but it’s a personal thing. It’s something I’ve been considering – a lot  more convenient than the pill.


    I haven’t used it but I have a bunch of friends who have. I guess because it’s a hormonal contraceptive, the ones who had issues with it had similar issues of the pill and stuff like that. One had it move around a bit in her arm and had some drama getting it taken out… that didn’t look like fun! I think there’s something really neat about having an implant that stops you getting pregnant though. So futuristic! So cool!


    @Nurse_Nettie do you know of any side effects?


    @mak_trouble891 the most common side effect is a change in bleeding. Most of the time this means frequent or irregular spotting (very light bleeding) or no bleeding at all. Sometimes you can end up  with frequent and heavy bleeding. Other side effects that can happen are headache, breast tenderness, mood changes, and acne.  

    In my experience, the implant is usually well liked because once it’s in you don’t have to do anything and it works so well to prevent pregnancy (99.9% effective for up to three years!). Those who do end up removing it early usually say that the frequent or unpredictable bleeding is the issue. 


    I had the implanon for about a year. No period at all which was awesome! My body doesn’t seem like like hormonal birth control very much though, my moods changed and I gained weight. For those reasons I ended up taking it out.


    I had horrific side effects from using Implanon, but I’d never try and dissuade someone from using something that works simply because I had a bad time. I was told by an Endocrinologist after that it was likely my PCOS that was affected by the implanon, and it was kind of annoying because a) the doctor didn’t really know anything about the potential side effects on someone with my condition and b) she outright told me that it was less effective for overweight people (um… how less effective…?!).

    I ended up with even worse PCOS symptoms than usual (no period at all, weight gain, facial hair, irritability – the works), ending with something called a decidual cast after I removed the rod (don’t google it unless you have a strong stomach, lol). 


    @Nurse_Nettie I wanted to bump this thread up because I have a question about Implant and getting your period. A girlfriend of mine has the implant and loves it, it works for her, and she loves not having her period. But she was venting to me the other day that she has got her period at the moment, and was trying to figure out why. 

    Is it possible to never get your period even with the contraceptive implant, or does it usually happen at least sometimes. She said it was more than just spotting but wanted to know if it would be a shorter period because of the implant. She had a pretty stressful holiday period so I suggested maybe it was the stress and hormones that maybe triggered a period?
    Also, even though she got her period, is she still protected from the contraceptive effects of the implant?

    @MintMilano The experience is different for each woman who has Implanon & may be random. One woman may get no bleeding, some might get spotting from time to time & others may get a lot of bleeding. Is she still protected? YES 🙂 Implanon is 99.9% effective even if bleeding is experienced.


    @MintMilano, I have been using the Mirena for almost 3 years now, and have experienced periods of bleeding, irregular spotting and absent periods throughout this time. And touch wood have been protected as @Nurse_Nettie said


    It’s so annoying that you just never know how contraception will affect you until you give it a try! When I first got the implanon I didn’t bleed and was like THIS IS GREAT! Then bled for 9 weeks straight and was like GET THIS OUT OF ME NOW and had it removed. Then I tried the Nuva Ring which was totally fine period wise but very expensive and had vaginal dryness. I’ve had a Mirena for almost a year now which I’m liking a lot though, very light bleeding! It’s so random you honestly just never know until you try!


    WOW! 9 weeks @HoneyPot that is insane, no wonder you got it out. Yeah I definitely think tis type of contraception is a personal/individual thing that you just have to try to find out


    I agree! What works for one body may actually have the opposite effect for another, and when you think things are going fine, you may get a complete opposite reaction! I think the concept of Implanon is incredible and so convenient, but my body just didn’t react well to it at all 😐 I guess it’s back to the good old pill for me. 

    @Nurse_Nettie what is the effectiveness rate of Mirena? And what are the most common side effects? 


    @veryelle Mirena is a great option for a lot of people. It’s more than 99% effective & once it’s inserted you can forget about it for five years! For most people it will lighten periods & many will get no bleeding at all. The most common unwanted side effect is probably irregular bleeding, followed by hormonal effects (bloating, skin or mood disturbances) though this is less common because the dose is so low.

    Check out the Family Planning Fact Sheet for more info 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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