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    So I was watching Jane the Virgin the other day and (while pretending to be Samantha from Sex and the City which was hilarious) Janes mum, Xiomara made a joke about having sex in a public bathroom and said “hand sanitiser is a great lubricant!” 
    i get this is a TV show and this is a joke, but is it ok to expect better from pop culture than to spread misinformation about sexual health? 


    I actually really love that show cause it is stupid! but I never really thought about that. I don’t actually even remember that line. I guess that goes to show how little attention some people can pay to shows vs others but its a good point you raise! 

    @Nurse_Nettie what would the effects be if someone actually used hand sanitiser as a lubricant? 

    @CookieMonster OUCH! hand sanitiser is mostly rubbing alcohol. 

    Firstly it would be irritating to the sensitive skin of the genitals, secondly it would mess up the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina (likely causing an infection); and thirdly, it would be useless as a lubricant since it’s designed to be absorbed quickly.

    Real lube is easy to find at supermarkets, chemists, online or at adult themed shops 🙂


    @Nurse_Nettie I thought as much on the burny side of it but I was curious as to how it would effect the vagina! 

    why would a TV show even have that as a joke !!!


    hahaha i know right?! I was just like “NO IT”S NOTTTT! PLEASE STAHHHP THAT WOULD NOT WORK”
    I love the show too 🙂 I think it’s done shows some really good sex positive stuff and shows the effects of sex-negative attitudes.


    Owww noo, I feel like even though it was a joke some people might view it and be like ‘hm yes what a great emergency lubricant!’ please no


    Exactly, @tea ! It worries me enormously that anyone would try this!


    Lube can be a very useful thing when you had hard and dry sex. Does anybody try out the warm one?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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