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    @tea I picked up a ‘Diva Cup’ from my local health food store and I love it! Just make sure you look at the type or number as they have a number 1 for women who have not had children and a number 2 for women who have had children… I made the mistake of not reading it properly and accidentally picked up a number 2 and had to go back and swap it


    Hi @tea, it’s a good question! There’s no current evidence that says menstrual cups will cause an IUD to come out. The overall risk of an IUD dislodging is 5% & this is more likely to occur soon (weeks) after insertion. If your concerned about this, then it’s ok to check your strings are in place after your period.


    Ohh thanks for the recommendation @goldenrose! I’ve heard a lot about the Diva so I might go with that one! How cool that health food shops have them!!

    Thanks so much! It was making me very nervous because her GP was the one saying this so I really wasn’t sure! Also reassuring about the statistics and timeframe of dislodgement.


    @tea I also use the smaller sized Diva cup and I love it. I just had to trim down the tip because it was too long and was poking me. I found mine at a chemist.

    I’ve also seen the Lunette cup at health stores and chemists, but haven’t tried that one. Aside from subtle differences in design, I’m not sure if there’s a lot of differences between cups.


    @aunt_flo I saw some period undies at Woolworths today! No cups yet, but with the tax on ‘feminine hygiene products’ gone maybe that’ll be next? Viva la Vulva!!

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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