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    Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had some fantastic celebrations, I spent 10 days camping over in Queensland and I’m sosososo tired wow but also so PUMPED for 2019!!!!

    Resolutions can be tricky to think of but it’s a good time for some self-reflection, this year I’m focusing on my mental health so that’s where my resolutions are focused! Here’s some:

    1. Quit drinking alcohol!
    2. See a psychiatrist once a week (and keep a regular one)!
    3. Go to the gym 3 days a week! (exercise is super important to boost those good feels)!

    I’ve started a new bullet journal for 2019 (which I’ll be posting more about over in our bullet journal thread), so I have a TON of yearly goals lined up and ready to go! Here’s a few of mine:

    1. Get my P’s!!!! (failed miserably in 2018 but that’s okay!! I can keep trying at it!)
    2. Do aerial yoga
    3. Read 100 books

    To be honest I really struggled to think of cool things for this year because I did so many cool things in 2018! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Do you make them or break them? Do you have any goals you’d like to share? How do you help stick with it?


    Happy New Year @tea!

    I don’t really have yearly goals, I regularly update shorter terms goals throughout the year. I find that it keeps me a bit more accountable and I get the satisfaction of actually completing something.

    I usually jot them down in my journal, checklist style, to help me stay on track.

    Right now, my goals are:
    – Going to bed before midnight (the holidays trashed my sleep schedule!)
    – Eating more vegetarian meals
    – Going to hot yoga +1 a week
    – Doing physio exercises every second day
    – Plan for my Japan holiday

    Usually I find that some of the goals, e.g going to bed on time become routine, so I swap them out for something I need a reminder for


    @tea such a good idea to write them down in a journal! I never do that, think this year might be a good time to start and to write down the steps I need to take to achieve these goals to make them a bit more manageable!

    I think my goals for 2019 would have to be:
    – Improve both my mental and physical health
    – Save money so I can go travelling
    – Spend more quality time with my friends and make more of an effort
    – Try new things and things that put me out of my comfort zone such as surfing!


    Woo Resolutions!
    Some of the ones i jotted in my notes on my phone that I decided i want to achieve this year are:
    – Look after my body more
    – Less shopping and more saving
    – get up earlier
    – meet new people


    Hi tea! I love discussing new years resolutions it makes me feel so motivated!
    Mine are
    1) drink more water
    2) take an active interest in things i don’t know about (i.e. if someone tells me about something i’ll actually look it up later and learn more about it)
    Here’s an interesting article regarding NYE I love –


    Such great goals/resolutions everyone!! I’m feeling extra motivated knowing I’m not alone in this journey to better myself! <3

    Shocking figures in the article! 8%! I love the mentality of just, starting resolutions regardless of the time of year. Never a bad time to be a better you!


    Also just going to drop this cool article on sex-related resolutions!!

    My personal fave is ‘#5: Own the condom’

    “And by ‘own the condom’ we don’t just mean carry one. We mean truly own the decision to carry and use a condom.”




    YAY for bullet journal updates – cannot wait to see them

    I’m with @aunt_flo for going to bed earlier and planning for a Japan holiday (when are you going)?

    Not massive on setting resolutions for myself because I always fail at them haha but I really enjoy applying the ‘begin again’ mentality and that we have the power to do that at any time of the day or in the new day. So I am just going to try to be kinder to myself


    Ah @stephaniaaaah are you going too!?

    I leave on Feb 9. I can’t believe it’s already getting close!

    Being kinder to yourself is a great resolution or way of moving forward. 🙂


    Happy New Year, friends! I don’t like having strict goals/expectations for myself, because life can flip you around at any moment. In saying that though, my gentle resolutions are to branch out and try new recipes and watch new movies and tv shows (I always stick to the same stuff out of comfort) and to try to make sure the dishes are done every day, I’m sick of having them pile up!

    Japan is so amazing! I’ve got a holiday in Mykonos and Berlin in April to plan for, too!


    @stephaniaaaah @aunt_flo I am so envious!! I reallyyyy want to go to Japan but I just can’t because of uni wahh Though I do want to do some exchange there, if I can – maybe next year for one of my electives hmm

    Totally agree with this ‘just do things regardless of the time of year’ mentality! Relieves so much stress from being held accountable for sticking to the new year’s goals a bit I think.


    Happy New Year Everyone!
    Your resolutions all sound great! It can be so liberating to feel like you have a fresh start, even if it is a human time illusion 😛
    For this year I am endeavouring to partake in 2 self-care activities a week! I am training as a counsellor, and want to use this year to fill myself up before I start practicing.
    I think it’s going to be a brilliant year <3

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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