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    I’m sure anyone with a period has at least one “oh sh*t” period related story, and I’m actually shocked that I can’t find a thread like this on here.
    I’ll start.

    t.w. lots of blood!

    I’m a menstrual cup user, and when I’m on my period and away from home I prefer to use a bathroom that also has private access to a sink so I can rinse out my cup without freaking out anyone else at the same time. One particular day at work, I was on 2nd day (i.e. disastrously heavy day) and went to the staff accessible bathroom.
    During the visit I needed to empty the cup, so I started to remove it and blood ended up trickling down my fingers and onto my hand (shock #1). I rushed to the sink, tipped it out and rinsed everything off. What I didn’t realise was that the sink was having trouble draining that day. Suddenly, the sink was half full with a bright red liquid – a mix of water and my menstrual blood and was draining suuuuper slowly (shock #2). The panic started to set in at this point – if I asked anyone for help they would have to see what was in the sink, and I couldn’t deal with my colleagues seeing that. I looked up into the mirror in front of me, and to my absolute horror I noticed a small blood stain on my pure white work shirt, right on the boob (shock #3). I got the shirt off, rinsed the stain with cold water and used the hand dryer to dry it off. To my absolute relief – the stain was gone. However, the puddle of red liquid in the sink had not. It had drained a bit, but there was still a fair bit of it left and it had stopped going down. The sink had one of those plugs that has the strainer built into it in a ring type shape, the ones that usually turn into a plug and you can lift them up or push them down. This one was stuck in place, so there was only a small crevice around the diameter that liquid could go through. So, I used the only thing small enough and available to me at the time – a toilet brush – to try and clear whatever the blockage was. It seemed to move something, because after a little while the liquid drained all the way. Thank goodness! I'd been in the bathroom for 15 minutes by that point, stress-cleaning up my blood.
    Fellow bleeders, please tell me I'm not alone in this panic.


    hahahaha OMG holy heck that’s the worst @sextronaut

    I would have been absolutely mortified!! I can’t believe that you had to unblock the sink with the toilet brush.

    I too have a menstrual cup related period horror story which isn’t quite as bad as yours but also – heaviest day of my period – I had a full day work training session which was actually super engaging so I forgot that I had my period. There also wasn’t that accessibility to the bathroom with a sink (in which case I normally take a water bottle in) as well so I just was like ‘I’ll deal with the cup when I get home’.

    On the way home I decided to pick up pizza for dinner and as I am getting out of the car (which is parked on the street) with three pizzas in my hand I felt my cup fall out of my vagina and then I look down and realise that I am wearing my white jeans.

    Luckily my housemate had come out to the street at the same time and I just threw the pizzas at him and ran into the house screaming with him laughing behind me at a whole day’s worth of menstrual blood on the back of my jeans. It was pretty funny, the jeans were ruined but I was pretty happy that it didn’t fall out on the train because I am not sure how that would’ve gone down hahaha


    @stephaniaaaah omg how horrifying!! I can’t believe a full menstrual cup fell out of you!!! While wearing white!! Jeewhiz.
    Thank goodness you weren’t still on the train, I would have totally freaked out.


    hahaha omgggggg @sextronaut omg I’m so sorry that happened to you (I feel bad for laughing but it’s a good story omg haha) You poor thing! Thank goodness it drained and you didn’t need to panic any of your colleagues!

    @stephaniaaaah OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Is that a common thing? To have them fall out? omg i’m screaming hahaha that’s so good that you were right at home tho!! RIP white jeans (why is it always when we wear white? naughty vagina). Good tip about the water bottle! I want to start using a cup since I have my periods again, so I’ll keep this in mind!

    My periods are well behaved so I don’t think I have any horror stories? I love this thread for normalising how things can,,,not go quite as planned though haha! The only time I’ve has scary period stuff happen is when I couldn’t figure out how to get my tampon out (see this thread for more) other than that I haven’t had any dramas (yet)!


    Thankfully I don’t have a public period horror story, but at home I was trying to empty out my menstrual cup, fumbled, and managed to spill a whole cup’s worth of blood onto my pants.

    Luckily they were dark and came out of the wash unscathed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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