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    I have recently dipped my toe into the ocean of podcasts- late to the party I know! They have transformed my commutes and made those mundane tasks at work bearable. 

    Has anyone stumbled across podcast series/ episodes that they absolutely loved?

    Mine are:
    All The Best – Australian story telling – ‘What Keeps Me Up At Night’ episode
    Mystery Show – Solves mysteries that the internet can’t – ‘Belt Buckle’ episode
    How To Be a Girl –  A mum’s life with her transgender daughter 

    Curious to know if there are any sex/health/relationship podcasts out there? 🙂


    I’ll check them out!

    ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ is sooooo good. Would not recommend listening to it while on the train though – have laughed out loud quite a few times!! It’s a son and his friends reading out an erotic novel his Dad has written and it’s just super cringe-y and badly written ahaha

    I’d be keen to find some (accurate) sex/health/relationship podcasts too!


    @peachy That sounds hilarious! Actually a few of my friends have recommended that one and they even went to their show when they toured Australia recently. Definitely on the list! Thanks.

    I did a quick Google and found this article 5 Sex-Positive Podcasts’. 😉 Wonder if anyone has checked any of them out?


    I’m keen to check these out too! thanks for starting this discussion @TinyTeddy !
    The Heart is an awesome super-feministy podcast with heaps of sexual health and sexuality related episodes 🙂
    Also The Hook Up with Hannah Reilly is a show on Triple J on Sunday Nights (? I think?) about sexual health which there is a podcast for. Its pretty funny and super positive, I highly recommend both The Heart and The Hook Up podcasts!


    I can second @peachy for My Dad Wrote A Porno. Hilarious stuff, I actually saw them live when they toured their show in Australia recently.

    My other favourites are:

    Whats the T? with RuPaul and Michelle Visage: helps if you’re a RuPaul’s Drag Race fan but I personally find that RuPaul has a lot of inspiring advice and they have guests who talk about their struggles and successes and it always leaves me feeling pretty motivated about life
    Savage Lovecast with Dan Savage: he usually has a little political segment at the beginning but then takes pre-recorded phone questions from listeners and gives sex/relationship advice, which is always interesting to hear and sometimes you can learn a thing or two as well

    Oh my goshhhh Yes @MintMilano ! I forgot about Dan Savage! Can also recommend Savage Lovecast <3


    I also am getting heavy into podcasts at the moment! They are actually helping me to exercise 🙂 
    Firstly would recommend- The Prude and the Pornstar- it’s on the Mamamia Women’s Network podcast channel and it is fascinating!! I learned a lot of from this about different kinds of relationship and fetishes etc. 
    Also ‘Dear Sugar’- a conversation with the gorgeous author Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. It is a compassionate and in depth exploration of relationship, emotion, life- it is joyful and respectful with cheesy love music thrown in!! 


    These are some amazing recommendations. Thank you for kicking this off @TinyTeddy!


    @MintMilano so jealous!! 
    So excited to get downloading all of these! 


    I LOVE the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast and also went to the live show @MintMilano 🙂 Rocky’s concept of female anatomy is waaaaay wrong, but I do love how Belinda just sleeps with whoever she wants and there is no big statement about her sexual orientation! Also I freaking live for James’ laugh!

    I’m not sure of other sex-related podcasts but I adore history and folklore stuff. My faves are Lore, Myths & Legends, Revisionist History and You Must Remember This.


    @ElleBelle I’ve always thought that too! There’s lots of sexual fluidity going on there and it’s all very sex positive, if anatomically incorrect  😀  I love Alice’s laugh too, and I’ve also found myself saying “Not a thing” in the middle of a conversation where I disagree with someone. 

    So many good suggestions to get onto there though, I definitely don’t have enough hours in the day! I’d be curious to know when people actually get the time (or make the time) to listen to their favourite podcasts? I used to listen before bed, but I found myself falling asleep and missing too much! So now I try to catch up on my podcasts whenever I take the time to unwind in a nice hot bath.


    These are all such great recommendations! Need to get onto the My Dad Wrote A Porno bandwagon  🙂 

    @MintMilano so many to check out but so little time. I usually like to listen to podcasts on my work commute. Or binge listen on a road trip. 


    @TinyTeddy ah yeah, work commuting seems to make the most sense. I have an extremely short work commute, which I love, but now I see it limits my podcast listening time!


    Ohh these sound amazing!! 


    @peachy @MintMilano @ElleBelle you guys are amazing thank you so much for recommending My Dad Wrote a Porno. I started listening this morning while writing an essay and it is giving me life!! I love how there’s so much confusion about Belinda’s backstory initially. Good stuff. 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)
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