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    Pimples……we have all been graced with that horrid bump, red, sore and full of pus. For some it is just a part of being a teenager but for others it can be something they continue to suffer from even as an adult.

    Today I have one on the bottom of my chin, just one, but large enough that it looks like a planet, waiting to be discovered. No amount of make up will hide it, and no amount of popping will make it go way. I am hoping that my glasses and long hair will distract the world from it’s existence lol

    So what are some of your pimple experiences and/or how do you deal with the horrid pump that is the pimple? Are you a cleanser, popper,  make up coverer or do you simply let it be?


    Oh no @mak_trouble891
    I feel your pain!! sometimes I try to cover up my mini-planets too, but it just seems to make them worse! I try not to pop them,   I use the tea-tree facewash, then toner and moisturiser.  It has made a huge difference to my skin!! I guess I am a combination of popper/cleanser/make up coverer! Oh and make sure you clean off your make up every night!! it really helps!! 


    Ughhhh I feel you! I have a serious bone to pick with everyone who told me pimples were only a teenage thing. Mid 20s and still going strong! The only time I saw my skin really improve was for a few months when I was drinking like 3 liters of water a day, but that was suuuuuuch a pain and I had to pee all the time 😀 Have you tried putting some plain white toothpaste on that chin zit? Not a very ~grown up~ solution but it can sometimes work…


    What about pimples on other body parts…not to get too graphic, but my bum  😐


    I use tea tree oil directly on my pimples and coconut oil on my body which seems to work quite well in banishing them! I had a wonderful outbreak of pimples on my chest earlier in the year though. :/


    I rarely get them now and they seem to be associated with stress or bad food habit. If I get them other areas, it tends to be as a reaction to shaving. A wise old drag queen once told me to shave under hot water as hot as you can bear it to minimise rash. I have lived by that since!

    I also did use roaccutane for some sever cystic acne…but that was a killer. 6 months was all i could manage physically and mentally. lucky it worked within 6 months!


    @big_Mama as embarrassing as it can be to admit, I do get the odd bum pimples. And omg they can be both painful and embarrassing. I have also been know to get them on my back 🙁

    Although I have found since using a good body wash/scrub they have improved

    @Lube_Man you mentioned that you get shaving rash. I too suffer from the horrid sore and often itchy shaving rash. What do you do to help yours other than rinsing under hot water? I have taken to mens shaving cream, that seems to be the only thing that works.

    Does anyone else having shaving rash issues? what helps you?


    @mak_trouble891 it depends on body parts to me. legs its Veet. I shave for the groin. veet my chest and shave underarms. i dont shave my face only clipper tightly. ultimately what helps me the most is moisturising, and resisting the urge to scratch!

    also if you just freshen the shave every couple of days i tend to get less and less progressively


    @zah I understand the frustration! I am the same way you would have thought no longer being a teenager would have stopped the pimples. Its always a costly turnover trialing products and then buying new ones when they are no longer effective


    Ugh I swear I’ve had more pimples since puberty ended than any time I did as a teen! 🙁 And I’ve never been able to track any causes or factors in a flare up. Just have to wait it out….


    I’ve found that since I’ve had my stress under control my pimples haven’t been as bad as what they were before. I wonder if there’s some connection to that or it’s a glorious coincidence! @Kit I totally feel your pain, hang in there! 


    I never really got pimples which I was thankful for BUT with the good comes the bad – I am nearing 30 and still can’t grow facial hair haha!


    Ugh another week, another pimple… At least they’re shortlived :/


    @kit I am totally the same, I get way more now in my mid 20’s then I did in my teens. Lately I have started tracking my moods in a bullet journal, my endometriosis pain and things like pimples. I have found so far that this is a really easy visual way to see if there is any relationship between these things happening for me.


    Has anyone ever tried putting toothpaste on their zits? That used to be the old recommendation in Dolly magazine 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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