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    Hello all,

    Need advice on the below random questions

    1. Can a person (Male) gets infected with HIV, by having unprotected Oral Sex with a Sex Worker ? 
    I googled a lot about this question and all the webpages suggests is – its extremely rare to get infected with HIV by having Oral Sex. What I am interested is –  is it possible in theory.
    As per the records if a person is having Oral Sex, he/she is likely to follow intercourse (unprotected). So its hard identify – how does he/she gets impacted ?

    2. How common can a person might be infected with STI, by having protected vaginal sex ? 


    Hi @iabhi1227, these are some really interesting questions, thanks for asking them.

    From what I know, as you have already pointed out, it is extremely rare to contract HIV through oral sex. There is not enough of the virus in saliva for you to contract HIV from receiving oral sex. So this is not possible not only from a sex worker, but from anyone who is HIV positive. I think there have been some cases reported where people have contracted HIV through oral sex but after having major oral surgery and there has been large open wounds in their mouths, and this is from semen in the mouth, so someone giving oral sex. Otherwise there is not much chance of HIV transmission through oral sex. @Nurse_Nettie, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    As for your second question, Nurse Nettie is going to be the best person to answer this one for you, but I think it all depends on the STI and if the condom is used correctly.


    Hey @iabhi1227

    To add to @DeftRat’s comment you can also check out 


    Hi @iabhi1227! Great questions 🙂

    To answer your first question, I’ll explain in a little more detail how HIV is transmitted.

    1. The person you have sex with has to be HIV+ and have a detectable viral load (undetectable means almost no risk of transmission) AND
    2. You have to be in contact with certain body fluids: semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, blood, or breast milk (saliva, sweat, & tears don’t transmit HIV) AND
    3. There has to be enough fluid & it has to be fresh (HIV doesn’t survive outside the body for long). AND
    4. There has to be a way for that fluid to get into your blood stream.

    So… if a woman – whether she’s a sex worker or not – performs oral sex on you, you’re only exposed to her saliva which doesn’t transmit HIV. That means there’s no way of catching HIV (though you can get other STIs!).

    If you perform oral sex on her, you’re exposed to her vaginal fluid in your mouth, but your mouth doesn’t provide easy access to your blood stream. If you have a significant open wound in your mouth, that can become a pathway for HIV. That means there almost no risk of HIV, unless you have this type of wound.

    To answer your second question, condoms are a great way to decrease your risk of all STIs. But how well they work depends on how the STI itself is transmitted. Condoms are super effective against STIs that are transmitted though body fluids (eg HIV, chlamydia, & gonorrhoea). Condoms significantly decrease the risk of STIs that are transmitted on the skin (eg HPV or genital warts & Herpes). 

    Does that clear it up for you? 🙂


    hey  @iabhi1227
    did this help you out? is there anything else you would like to ask?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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