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    I’ve helped a number of women overcome Vaginismus and painful sex, and these are the four essential areas to resolve:

    1. Dealing with emotions so your body doesn’t contract in preparation for fight or flight
    2. Relaxing your mind, so your body naturally opens and becomes more receptive
    3. Using an external personal lubricant to soothe the opening into your vagina
    4. Applying the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique to flush the inside walls of your vagina

    Each of these steps works to bring your body and mind into balance so you can eliminate vaginal dryness and pain. By working with your biology instead of against it, you can get rid of the vaginal dryness and tightness issue and restore a happy and satisfying sex life.

    I’ve written more about this here, as well as how to apply the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique:

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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