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    I came across this Youtuber called Hannah Witton the other day and she has shared two videos about Sex Positivity.

    Why I’m Sex Positive

    Why I’m not sex positive

    I found they gave some really interesting perspectives on sex positivity and sex positive culture…



    The second video is great. Sex positivity is an excellent concept, but I think there’s a lot more to it or to sex in general than ‘you can sleep with whoever you want, whenever you want etc.’ Sometimes I feel like sex positivity is a little…lipstick feminist-y?

    I really, really like that the second video addresses that sex positivity needs to encompass people who don’t want sex often, or at all for a variety of reasons.

    Something I felt was missing in the discussions is masturbating. To me, that’s part of sex positivity. I think sex positivity largely surrounds penetrative sex, and misses out on self pleasure, which is still an important part of a sex life.


    Hi @aunt_flo

    The second video definitely gives more to think about. I personally think the whole ‘sex positive’ thing can actually be quite a difficult concept as it’s not actually as easy as ‘just get out there, and have all the sex’.

    You’ve gotta meet someone you actually want to sleep with first ????

    Good point about the masturbation too! I definitely think that should be part of it.


    @ekoorb9 I LOVE HANNAH! I’ve been following her since before her surgery when she started her series about coming off of the pill!

    In terms of the self-sex part, she DOES have a video discussing masturbation and a really cool new video discussing sex and disability!!

    Totally agree with what you said about including asexuality in the sex-positive narrative though  @aunt_flo! Definitely, something that gets left out all of the time and frames sex in a way which EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE SEX, which just straight up isn’t true. Maybe changing the language would help, saying ‘intimacy’ and including non-sexual acts in the conversation as well would be better?


    Intimacy is a really good way of thinking of it @tea! Especially since touching, even non-sexual does require a consent (I reaaaaally hate being cheek-kissed by people I don’t know well – so uncomfortable!)


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    I’m really excited about the content hannah has been bringing out regarding more inclusive sex – such as discussing sex and disability!

    On another note though – regarding intimacy, how do we let other people know our boundaries? Like, if I didn’t want a hug but someone went in for one, how could I let them know gently that I don’t want to be touched?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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