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    Hi guys,

    During COVID-19 isolation I’m lucky to be working but on the weekends so far I’ve been:
    – Reading
    – Cooking
    – Playing Sims 4 (haha)
    – Video chatting family and friends

    What are some things you are doing inside during this physical isolating time?


    Uh the Sims is such a good game to play right now.

    I’ve been:
    – Making a sourdough starter (I cant find yeast anywhere!)
    – Practising yoga
    – Playing Animal Crossing
    – Cooking a whole heap
    – Reading and journaling
    – Doing 1000 piece puzzles
    – Trying to get back into art – I was thinking of following an online watercolour tutorial or something.

    Only three more weeks to go to see if my starter has actually worked!


    I’ve started playing Sims again too! I forgot how addictive it is.

    I’ve been:
    -going on long walks
    -doing home workouts
    -face timing friends and having virtual sort of parties/drinks/game nights with friends
    -our own little paint and pinot night with my housemates

    I want to try and use this time a little more productively though so I’m thinking about starting an online TAFE course as well.


    This thread on the forum here also has some useful insight into how to keep busy during this time

    How to look after yourself when the new normal is uncertainty (the COVID thread)


    Love all these ideas! I have gone through my bookshelf and separated all the books I’ve bought but never read and I am determined to read them! Will keep you posted though 😉
    Exciting about your sourdough starter @aunt_flo !!


    I need to get into animal crossing haha

    Sorting out my books is up there on my list!

    FaceTime wines has become the new normal for me and my mates as well.

    It’s been a great opportunity for me to get all those pesky jobs done like going through my wardrobe and hanging pictures on the wall. Hope you are all staying sane RN.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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