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The termination of a pregnancy before birth.

Age of consent

The age at which the law considers a person old enough to decide to have sex with another person. "Depending on what state or territory you're in, you can only give consent to engage in certain sexual acts once you've reached a certain age. Until you've reached that age -  'the age of consent' - the law says you cannot give your permission to have sex. So even though you might have agreed to have sex with someone, that person can still be charged with sexual assault if you haven't reached the age of consent."

Anal sex

Sexual activity involving penetration of the anus.


A gender identity or appearance that is isn't clearly male or female.


The opening from the rectum located in-between the buttocks.


The dark area surrounding the nipples of women and men.


Having a lack of (or very low level of) sexual attraction to others and/or a lack of interest or desire for sex or sexual partners. Another term used within the asexual community is “ace,” meaning someone who is asexual.


Slang for testicles.


Curious about exploring same-sex sexual attraction and behaviour.


A person who has two gender identities either simultaneously or at different times.

Biological Sex

Medical term used to refer to the chromosomal, hormonal and anatomical characteristics that are used to classify an individual as female or male or intersex. Often referred to as simply "sex", "physical sex," "anatomical sex", or specifically as "sex assigned [or designated] at birth."

Birth control

Behaviours, devices, or medications used to avoid unintended pregnancy (see also: contraception).

Bisexual Person

A person who identifies as or who has romantic and/or sexual relationships with, and/or attractions toward people of multiple genders.


The organ that collects and stores urine produced by the kidney. The bladder is emptied through the urethra.

Blue Balls

Slang term for an uncomfortable feeling in the genitals that may occur when men do not have an ejaculation following sexual excitation. Women may experience similar aches if they do not reach orgasm.

Bondage & Discipline (B&D)

Consensual sexual role-play that includes performance of power and submission. It often involves physical restraint and/or pain.


Slang for an erect penis.


Glandular tissue and fat on the chests of women. Breasts are secondary sex characteristics in women. They are also considered sex organs because they are often sexually sensitive and may inspire sexual desire. Like mammary glands in other mammals, they produce milk during and after pregnancy. Men also have breast tissue.

Butt Plug

A toy for anal sex designed to stay in place in the anus and rectum. Some are designed to stimulate a man’s prostate gland.