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Labia Majora

The outer lips of the vulva.

Labia Minora

The inner lips of the vulva.


A woman who identifies as, has romantic and/or sexual relationships with, and/or is attracted to women.


These initials are used to refer collectively to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex people. It is important to recognise that the letters in LGBTI represent broad categories of experience and not necessarily identities; thus many people who would be considered trans identify simply as women, men, or another gender and do not necessarily have a ‘trans identity’. Although these groups are distinct, they can overlap (e.g. some intersex women are also lesbians).


The sex drive or amount/frequency a person desires to have sex.


A strong caring for someone else. It comes in many forms. There can be love for romantic partners and also for close friends, for parents and children, and for humankind.


A substance that increases slipperiness and reduces irritation caused by sexual friction/rubbing. Natural lubricants are produced during arousal in the vagina and Bartholins glands on the vulva. Manufactured lubricants (lube) are water, oil or silicon-based and can be used during vaginal/anal or other sexual contacts.


Feeling of sexual desire for another person.


Touching one's own genitals for sexual pleasure.


Blood, fluid, and tissue that are passed from the uterus out of the vagina during the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Often called a “period.” (see also menstrual flow)

Menstrual Cup

A latex or silicone receptacle that fits over the cervix to collect menstrual flow.

Menstrual Cycle

The time from the first day of one period to the first day of the next period. The cycle begins when the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is shed during menstruation. This is followed by follicle development in the ovaries, egg release (ovulation) and regrowth of the endometrium, all of which make pregnancy possible. When pregnancy does not occur, the endometrium is shed again.

Menstrual Flow

Blood, fluid, and tissue that are passed from the uterus out of the vagina during the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Often called a “period.” (see also menses)


The flow of blood, fluid, and tissue out of the uterus and through the vagina that usually lasts from three to seven days.


Birth control pills that contain only the hormone progestogen. Also called “progestogen-only pills.”

Morning After Pill

Emergency contraception pill taken after condomless vaginal sex to prevent pregnancy from that one event. It's more effective the sooner you take it, but can be used up to five days after sex. It does not prevent implantation of a fertilised egg and does not cause an abortion.


Initialisms for “men who have sex with men” and “women who have sex with women,” to distinguish sexual behaviours from sexual identities (e.g., because a man is straight, it doesn't mean he’s not having sex with men). Often used in the field of HIV/Aids education, prevention, and treatment.

Multiple Orgasms

The occurrence of more than one orgasm within a short time.

Mutual Masturbation

When two or more people masturbate with each other's presence.


Is a title (e.g. Mr., Ms., etc.) that is gender neutral. It is often the option of choice for people who do not identify within the cisgender binary.