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What is Thrush?

Thrush also called Candidiasis isn’t actually an STI. It’s caused by the vagina making too much natural yeast. Lots of girls get thrush and for some girls it can happen over and over again. Guys can get it too. 

Are there any symptoms?

  • Girls- You may notice discharge from your vagina that is smelly, thick, and yellow or white. Your vagina might also be red, swollen and itchy.
  • Guys- Your foreskin and the head of your penis may get itchy, red or swollen. 

How do you catch it?

Thrush isn’t an STI but having sex can change the amount of yeast under your foreskin or in the vagina. You can get thrush when you have too much natural yeast under your foreskin (guys) or in your vagina (girls). 

Let's talk about prevention

Did you know that sometimes you can get thrush when taking antibiotics? If this happens you should let your doctor know and they can help. 

  • Girls- Don’t use any soap, gel, bubble baths or perfume on your vagina. This can affect the balance of normal yeast in your vagina.
  • Guys- Make sure you rinse and dry under your foreskin using warm water, every day and after having sex. 

How to get tested and treated

It is super easy to get cream or tablets for thrush at a pharmacy. You don’t need a prescription for this. If this doesn’t help you can go see your doctor for a check-up. They’ll guide you on the best medication.


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