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Can pre-cum get you pregnant?

Pre-cum (or pre-ejaculate if we want to use the fancy proper name), is fluid that’s released from the penis during foreplay or sex. It usually happens during arousal, and a...

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Pregnancy Choices

Whether you expected it or not, finding out you are pregnant can be a shock. You are probably finding that you will go through a whole range of feelings. Whatever...

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Visiting a Youth Health Service

A Youth Health WHAT?  What is a Youth Health Service? And what should you expect when you visit one?  A Youth Health Service is a FREE, SAFE, & CONFIDENTIAL place...

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It can often make women feel embarrassed, miserable and even dirty. But thrush, also called Candidiasis, is more common than you think! It happens in around 50% of women at...

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Boobs 101

Jugs, sweater stretchers, airbags, tits, hooters, lung protectors, bongos, knockers, melons, gazongas, frost detectors, honkers, fun bags, boobs, bazookas, boobies… BREASTS! Young women often worry about their breasts. Are they...

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What are periods?

Aunty Flo, rags, blob, shark week, have the painters in, closed for business, being a girl, opening the flood gates, the red river, leak week, that time of the month…...

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