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Run by our team of volunteer moderators (mods), the Play Safe forum is packed full of topics, threads and conversations from people just like you. Covering everything from sexual health to body positivity and relationships to simply hanging out, here’s some of our favourites.


Herpes is one of the most stigmatised STIs out there. Yet it’s one of the most common, with 1 in 8 people likely to carry the virus. In this thread, the mods delve into the subject in more detail. 

“I talk to so many people who feel devastated by a herpes diagnosis. Many of them only ever had mild symptoms so the stress isn’t about the infection itself, it’s about stigma & incorrect information!,” @nurse_nettie.


Being kind to yourself isn’t always easy, but in this thread the mods embrace body positivity, and themselves. Prepare for all the feels…and why not get involved and share your own body loves?

“Sometimes I look in the mirror and I feel not nice about what I’m looking at, but then I remember the things I love about my body and that makes things okay. Body positivity is a hard thing to practice! Let’s share one thing we love about ourselves,” @tea.


Telling someone you have an STI can be daunting, but plenty of people have been there and done that. In this post, our Mods share their tips and advice for making it easier. 

“I think when you’re telling someone about an STI it’s important to be armed with all the facts about it i.e. how it’s transmitted, transmission rates, what you can do to lower transmission, if it’s curable/not curable,” @purple.


Tinder, Bumble and plenty of other online dating platforms have become a normal part of our everyday lives. But what’s it like dating on the apps? We love this post from the Mods who talk pros, cons, and personal experiences.

“What dating apps have y’all tried and liked!? What have you enjoyed about different ones? Or do you simply despise them? I tried Tinder for about a week and I just couldn’t get comfortable with it. I am trying Bumble now and considering deleting that one too…thoughts?” @earthmama.


It’s always surprising to hear how many myths there are around safe sex. From ‘double bagging’ condoms to relying on natural hormone methods, here we bust some of the strangest myths out there.

“I scrolled past a post today debunking a myth that I’ve actually heard before… it was about using two condoms! I think some people feel it will give them extra protection?” @goldenrose. The Play Safe forum is free and 100% confidential. Why not get involved and join the conversation.