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    So I recently did my STI check up, everything came back clear. However, this got me thinking about whether my partner (monogamous) is also STI free purely by association. Unprotected sex has been had and the relationship is over 6 months long (no symptoms are apparent.)

    My partner is also getting tested, but I’ve heard too many times people brushing off getting tested because their partner is STI free so they assume they are too.

    Is this a correct assumption to have?

 Whats everyones experiences and thoughts on this? 


    That’s good that you partner is getting tested as well! I think it’s important for both partners to get tested.
    I know that a person can contract the Herpes virus but not show any symptoms for years.

    is it a correct assumption?


    Hey @catdog – such a great question, in my past relationships I know that if my STI tests came back clear I would say to my partner (if we were having unprotected sex) ‘we’ll you’re all good then’. I feel like it’s pretty safe to say that your partner wouldn’t have STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea because that’s the most common tests.

    has raised a super interesting point though, STIs like Herpes and Genital Warts aren’t tested for without physical symptoms so you could both have either or both but without knowing I guess but I feel like I’m going off topic with your questions!!

    I reckon that the best thing is for both partners to get tested before starting unprotected sex, and that if your partner hasn’t had a test since you’ve stopped using protection then the safest thing would be for them to get one anyway. Interested to hear what @nurse_nettie says 🙂


    I’ve stopped getting tested because I’m in a monogamous relationship.

    Herpes isn’t routinely tested for anyway, unless you have an active sore, so I suppose we could be at risk of passing that on without knowing it.

    Ditto HPV.


    I’m keen too to hear what @nurse_nettie has to say on this one! I’ve definitely done the same thing – assuming that I/my partner were clear if we were being monogamous and one came back clean. But like @goldenrose said – some things that aren’t routinely tested for and can be asymptomatic for ages might still be transmitted. And getting HPV or Herpes isn’t the end of the world by any means – but I still think I’d like to know if my status changed? Just to be aware? So I’m all about both people getting routinely checked even if the odds are slim – especially as it’s bulk billed under medicare and there are so many easy ways to get checked! What’ve you got to lose, right?


    @catdog I think it’s great that you’re both getting tested, because yeah like everyone else here has said – some STI’s don’t present with symptoms so maybe your partner has something and doesn’t know?

    Hmm, I think even in monogamous relationships, if one of you is getting tested maybe both should. For one thing, it helps to normalise the testing process and it gives you both peace of mind. Agree with @kitkat, there’s nothing to lose in getting tested and it’s free so why not?


    @catdog just letting you know Nurse Nettie is flat out ATM but will get back to you as soon as they are free 🙂


    @catdog @kitkat, this is a really good question! The answer is yes. Your partner should get tested too. It’s great that you’ve tested & the results were negative (ok) doesn’t mean that your partner is ok too. This is because many STIs don’t have symptom as @goldenrose says.
    STIs may not also be passed on from the ‘one time’ of condomless sex. It may be the 50th time you had sex with that person. To know that your monogamous relationship is as safe as possible (@stephaniaaaah is right!) it’s better for both partners to get tested.


    @nurse_nettie Is there any age when a person no longer needs to get tested? Like, what if a monogamous couple was married for 50 years, would they still need to get tested at any point?


    No age @tea. If they both tested for HIV & STIs at the beginning of the relationship then this is mostly safe. The only time they may need to get tested again is if any partner experienced any new genital symptoms. As @stephaniaaaah says, infections like genital warts & herpes are not routinely tested for in a STI check.


    @nurse_nettie Thanks for the response! It’s good to know for sure now.

    Interesting to learn that STIs may not be passed on from one time condomless sex and that it could be after several occurrences that it actually does get passed on.

    STI Testing is free? I went to a sexual health clinic, it costed 80 dollars and I only got 30 some dollar rebate from medicare. 🙁


    @catdog Oh really? I think it depends on what you’re having tested? I’ve had a urine and blood test at my GP which was free – @nurse_nettie is there any information on which tests are free and which aren’t?


    There are a lot of options in getting tested for STIs @catdog & @tea, however costs may vary depending where you go. With a Medicare card STI testing is for free if you visit a ‘bulk billing’ GP or Medical Centre or a Family Planning Clinic.
    Without a medicare card (a national health card) it may cost approximately $250.
    Public sexual health centres are all free, but they’re specialist services so don’t do routine HIV & STI testing for everyone. If you have genital symptoms or you’ve had sex with someone who’s told you they’ve been diagnosed with an STI, a sexual health centre may be the right place to test.
    There are private sexual health centres which may charge a certain gap fee for the consultation.
    Lastly there are a number of online HIV & STI testing options which require payment.


    I’m thinking about getting tested now… Always made my partner get tested so I didn’t have to.

    It’s been over a year with my boyfriend and since my last test. Little nervous now. Should I be?


    I think it’s important to take your own sexual health into your own hands. If your partner got the all clear from an STI test, chances are that you’re okay too, but what’s the harm in being equals and getting tested together? My boyfriend and I have been together for about 18 months, we’d both gotten testing before we got together but we got tested again after 12 months. Everything was still good, and we don’t feel the need to test as much as single people or people who might be having more partners, but I think there’s an essence of equity that comes with both partners getting tested 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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