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    Using this condom during sex with my gf first time
    And got pregnant
    How do i do ?

    Hi @jTan, this is a good question. The male condom does not provide 100% protection from pregnancy. With perfect use its 98% effective however with typical use in real life its only 85% effective in contraception.  A more reliable method of contraception would be Longer Acting Reversible Contraceptives or LARCs


    Hi @jTan have you and your girlfriend spoken with a doctor regarding the pregnancy and confirmed that she is in fact pregnant – sometimes those at home tests aren’t 100% accurate as far as I know. 

    As for condoms – as @Nurse_Nettie they aren’t 100% guaranteed. There are also preventatives your gf can take to help reduce pregnancy risk – she can discuss these with her doctor also – this is stuff like ‘the pill’ or implants. Check out NN’s link above for some info.


    Hi @jTan, welcome to PlaySafe.
    That must be really overwhelming for you. No doubt finding out your girlfriend is pregnant when you thought you were using appropriate protection would have been quite a surprise! What did the doctor say? They would normally have some information about what to expect that they can provide you with when confirming the pregnancy. Alternatively, like @CloakOfAsh said, if you haven’t yet been to a doctor that would be a good first step.
    Let us know how you’re going.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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