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    More and more couples I know have been meeting on Tinder!

    I think Tinder can be a great way to meet people (my ex partner and i met on tinder).
    I especially love that you get to message them first for a while before meeting.
    I do also know some couples who when asked how they meet often don’t disclose they met on tinder. A friend told me she did this because she didn’t want her mum to know she met her boyfriend online.

    So I’m interested? – Has anyone ever had a relationship or our in a current relationship who met on Tinder!?
    Did you or do you tell everyone where you met? If not, why not?


    Hi @curiouss my last three partners I’ve met on Tinder (or before that Pof). I’m really open about it. I usually just say ‘we both swiped right 😅’.
    To be honest, I reckon that it’s more unusual NOT to meet online nowadays!


    Hi @curiouss I’m with @ekoorb9, I meet people probably 50/50 Tinder and real life. Everyone I know who is single uses it and I feel like it’s not stigmatised at all anymore amongst my friends and I, even my parents make jokes about it these days. However I understand why it would be frowned upon in a more conservative family who perhaps don’t understand it or who find the whole concept weird.


    Two of my friends are in long-term relationships with guys they have met on tinder and they are both open about it and I find it completely normal. Similar to what @purple said, I find it’s not really stigmatised among most young people these days and I guess it depends on each individual and family whether or not they would be open to the idea.
    Personally, I’ve met a few different guys on tinder and been on a couple of dates and while nothing serious has come out of them I’m still open to the idea and wouldn’t feel ashamed of saying that we met on tinder!


    @curiousss I’m one of those people in a ~serious~ relationship and met on a dating app! Though, we met on Bumble not Tinder but same-same. We met on Bumble and we tried to meet up I think, three times but I kept flaking haha Luckily this girl decided to give me a go and we met at a street party for our first date! We’re a year into our relationship now and have decided to move in together! So I think dating apps are really just like meeting IRL in a pub or something – you start off not really knowing the person, get past the awkward 20 questions and then it’s all fine.

    I think certainly it’s a generational shift in how we view dating. People used to use newspapers to flag their interested, now we use phones. Not that different really.

    ‘we both swiped right!’ hahahah amazing!! I’m definitely not that blunt about it but I love it!

    I agree with @purple about it being more normalised now, though I still feel like there’s some embarrassment admitting you met your long-term partner on a dating app, as opposed to someone you’re just dating?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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