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    i usually get unavoided erection when am talking to my girlfriend, but when it comes to urinate, after urine there is a clear white fluid which is discharged. sometimes it happens during erection, is this a normal occurance in men?


    Hey @Teaser9 welcome to Play Safe 🙂 is the fluid white or more clear? If it’s more clear then it might be pre-cum, which is a completely normal thing to happen during an erection. it’s all in the name – a fluid that your penis creates before you cum or ejaculate, which occurs to help with lubrication during penetration, I believe.
    If it’s occurring after urination though, that might be a little bit different. @Nurse_Nettie might have some other ideas. 


    @Teaser9 it’s normal for a small amount of fluid to come out of the penis when you have an erection or feel sexually aroused. This is called precum or preejaculate. If you notice fluid coming out at other times, especially if there’s also pain when you pass urine, that’s a sign of infection & it’s important to see a doctor. To find out a bit more about normal vs not-normal discharge from the penis, check out this blog post here 🙂  


    Good to know @mintmilano @nurse_nettie! I wish they talked about these kinds of things in sex ed at school so we could all be a bit more comfortable with what’s going on with our bodies.

    Totally a normal occurrence though, @teaser9 and like @nurse_nettie said – if there’s any pain, you should definitely get that checked out by your GP! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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