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    I really don’t like exercise very much. I normally do yoga or other lower impact exercise. But, I’ve recently bought a stationary exercise bike, which I ride while watching Netflix to make it more palatable. 

    What do you guys do to stay fit? Any tips for making it more enjoyable?


    I swim and a few things I’ve found make it more enjoyable are:

    – Swimming with friends. It’s harder to back out when people are expecting you!
    – Googling/Youtubing better technique. This way I look forward to the next swim because I want to try what I’ve learnt.
    – Getting the right gear. Bad/old equipment can make exercise a hassle, plus expose you to injuries.

    Hope that helps @Aunt_Flo  🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s tips!


    I think when you are watching netflix a laptop or tv that only works when you power it by walking/cycling  (fitness equipment) would be both a fantastic and terrible invention at the same time. Or you have to earn the output before you can earn the netflix time lol.


    I’ve found the good ol’ guilt trip seems to have some positive effects. To that end, I’m the proud owner of a Fitbit which appropriately guilts me for missing my goals, or having a terribly high resting heart rate.  

    Mostly I’m about the walking outside in my leafy neighbourhood. It has the added benefit of encouraging (fleeting) human contact too.


    Love that gym equipment, distraction is super important for me too! Have you heard of Couch 2 5k? I finished that earlier this year and it was super do-able and super satisfying. I also love stuff like roller skating and dancing and hiking and stuff where you can pretend its not actually exercise :p


    @MsBlueStreak I use guilt tripping to make sure I drink enough water. I always use a glass water bottle which shames me if I don’t manage to drink enough during the day.
    @walk_on_walls I like swimming but I can’t handle the constant chlorine! 
    @Zah I used to do a lot of dancing! I can’t seem to find a good place to do it in my area, though (Sydney’s West).


    @Zah  Roller skating would be an awesome way to exercise and chill out. If only there were decent sidewalks where you wouldn’t biff on the uneven ground. And adult sized roller blades easier to find. @walk_on_walls @Aunt_Flo I run out of things to talk to myself about when I’m swimming and would need the water earphones


    I haven’t exercised in so long, I used to be into lifting weights, deadlifts and squats. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to the gym with my uni and work schedule for about 6 months now.
    My boyfriend got me a fitbit for my birthday the other week, omg! I love it and hate it. Talk about a guilt trip device and way to get you motivated. The other night (11;30pm) I was running around the house trying to get my step count up to complete the daily target lol


    I used to hate exercising! but that was before I started doing weights. Now I go everyday to the gym.
    But it is important to find what works for you.
    I like weight lifting because – it isn’t cardio ( I HATE cardio), its not a sport ( i’m not that competitive), its not a team sport ( I’m not into exercising with other people really), its not a contact sport (I dislike touching) haha.

    bikram yoga is also great. it works you really hard but its low impact!


    @The_Beep Okay your reasons for disliking sport are pretty much the same as mine, so obviously I should get into weight lifting hahah. There’s a few weights around my house somewhere!

    I like Bikram, but haven’t managed to find a class I feel good in. There’s a great studio I occasionally go to that it 28-30 degrees instead of Bikram’s 40 which I really like, though!


    Bikram Yoga is super hard @Aunt_Flo! I’ve just started regular yoga and am finding it difficult, couldn’t imagine it at 28-30 degrees!!! Did you find a good class? 


    @NickiPower I like regular yoga more compared to Bikram! Bikram was good, but it’s more rigid – there’s a set of poses you progress through. I also found the humidity a bit hard to bare. In addition to 40 degrees, they turned up the humidity! When people are locked in a sweaty room it’s not the best. 


    I love cycling!!! I have been so lazy during winter but if you just take it easy and use for transport (even if it is to the shops/cafe) it all adds up!

    I also just started Yoga today – found a really cool Youtube channel – will report back if it sticks. It’s a 30 day challenge thingo!


    @CloakOfAsh I’ve been trying the Youtube yoga too. Any particular instructor channel you have found is the best?


    I tried Zomba from youtube for a bout a few hours. I gave up as it was too boring to do it alone. I’m thinking about joining a gym.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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