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    Thanks @mak_trouble891 & @Aunt_Flo. I’m only on the stationary cycle, sadly I’m an injured runner so swimming or cycling is it for the moment. 

    @mak_trouble891 That’s so good about you hitting your goals! Way to go!! 
    @Aunt_Flo How do you find pole dancing? It seems like it uses every single muscle of your body! 


    Oh dang @NickiPower, hope you recover soon! Swimming is great exercise though, I love to do it when I can.

    Pole is great! It’s very tiring on your arms, particularly muscles that you never knew existed! And lots of core strength too. Very good upper body work out. 

    There’s lots of satisfaction in it from getting moves and spins correctly, too. 🙂


    That’s not good your injured @NickiPower but at least your still doing something 🙂
    Yeah how do you find the pole dancing @Aunt_Flo? I did pole dancing for a little while a few years ago, its a great workout! 


    I love it @mak_trouble891! My abs hurt in places I didn’t know existed. I’ve also taken up a month-long lap dancing class for fun! It’s super silly and fun. 


    @Aunt_Flo that sounds like a fun class, I would be laughing or giggling the whole time 


    I have so many friends who do pole and LOVE it. They find it super good from a physical perspective but also mentally it seems to be working so well for their empowerment and friendships


    @Curiosity it’s just hilarious. And we’re dancing To Fix by Nelly – lots of sexual references to laugh at!
    @CloakOfAsh I’ve noticed I feel a lot better too, and I’ve reconnected with a girl from uni which has been nice. 🙂 Highly recommend! 

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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