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    I’m recently out of a long term relationship and am facing the idea of being with new partners. It’s definitely an adjustment getting used to someones preferences and body when you are used to the same thing and comfortable with each other. Anyone have tips to make that first time less scary?


    @yogigirl sorry to hear about your split! I hope you are taking some time for yourself and self care 🙂

    I think when that time comes you should be very very compassionate with yourself and take things slowly if you’re not comfortable being with new people. Why not get to know someone for a few weeks/months and let things unfold organically and at a pace you control? I think it would make things less daunting for you.


    I’m with @champagnepapi – There’s no need to rush into anything, or force yourself to be comfortable with seeing new people straight away.

    I guess one way to ease into it would be to think about the up side of sleeping with a new person. Yes, it can be awkward, but it’s also a chance to connect with someone, learn about someone, and perhaps have an exciting or new encounter. But, that’s for whenever you’re ready to experience that.

    Hope you’re doing okay, @yogigirl


    Thanks @champagnepapi and @aunt_flo 🙂 It’s definitely been weird getting used to single life after such a long time with the same person! I’ve been taking lots of time to explore new hobbies and getting my new home set up, so it’s all feeling very positive.
    Thanks for the great advice. I think as i’m not wanting to rush into anything the slow paced, organic route is the way. Exploring new friendships and being open to opportunities is a good way to meet new people and see if things develop from there. That way I will feel more comfortable with the person if it does develop into a sexual relationship too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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