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    Is period sex without a condom safe?

    Recently I came across this article which talks about having sex whilst on your period. There’s a significant 15% drop of condom use whilst having sex on a period! 15%!

    The article goes on to say:

    “This finding is significant and concerning, because rates of STI transmission and acquisition are higher at certain times of the menstrual cycle, including during menstruation.

    While condoms prevent pregnancy, they are also hugely significant in reducing STI transmission. It is possible to get pregnant during your period, although the day-specific risk is variable and depends on your cycle, age and health.”

    Totally good points! I didn’t know about STI transmission/acquisition being more at risk during this time. Personally, I’ve only had period sex where a condom wasn’t necessary, though I did consider using some finger gloves during the process. I made sure everything and everyone was clean during and after the process, and there was no risk for pregnancy in my case though I will be more mindful of contraception in the future!

    Let me know how you feel about period sex! Do you use a condom during it? Have you had it? Do you think it’s gross? Is period sex without a condom safe?


    Could I get your opinion on this? @nurse_nettie


    I don’t think it’s gross but I’ve only done it a few times with someone who I was in a relationship with at the time so we were both comfortable with each other and we always used a condom because it was an easier clean up.


    Sure @tea. Period sex is a risk for infections transmitted by blood. These are HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C.
    If you were born in Australia it’s very likely that you were vaccinated as a child for Hepatitis B. The good news is that this provides life long protection. If you were born overseas the vaccinations are available at your local GP & is worthwhile getting.
    Hepatitis C is not checked in a ‘routine STI check.’ If there was exposure to blood during sex or through other activities like injecting drugs, it’s ok to ask for the test to be included. Hepatitis C is curable with medication.
    HIV is usually included in a STI check. If you’re sexually active it’s important to keep healthy & test every year.


    Period sex has never really fazed me. If I’m with someone I’m comfortable with I have been happy to go condomless or use a condom. Really depending on their preference and the mood. I’ve always been aware that conception can still occur during this period (pun not intended haha) but I never really thought about an increased risk of infection. Something I’ll definitely keep in mind.

    Despite my previous comment that I’m not so concerned about sex on a period, if I found myself in the situation with a new partner and they were on their period I might not feel as comfortable.


    @goldenrose Yeah I think you’d need to be very comfortable with someone to be able to do it tbh because of the negative stigma attached to periods etc

    Thank you so much!! I didn’t even think about BBV’s! I’ll be sure to get checked regularly if I engage in period sex in the future.

    Good to hear you don’t feel uncomfortable about periods! I think the reason there’s such a huge aversion to it in the first place is the negative stigma around period blood being ‘dirty or gross’. Totally agree with you about needing to be comfortable with someone first, since it’s such an intimate thing I suppose.


    I’ve always used condoms when having period sex because it makes the clean-up so much easier!

    Blocked period sex without a condom is not safe for you and your partner.
    CONDOMS ARE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF. Say it out aloud with me now: “condoms!”, “don’t be silly, wrap that willy!” On a personal note, I would not recommend opening with that line — its success rate is very low.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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