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    We’ve talked about using a tampon for the first time, but what about getting your period. What is your first period like?

    I’ve been reading a book about how sex works and the first chapter talks about periods. Apparently your first period, or “menarche“, is different from other menstrual cycles! Your first cycle doesn’t actually involve ovulation and won’t for the first year or so! I never knew this, did you?

    My first one happened during a netball game when I was 12. I had a white skirt on and didn’t realise until after the game!!!! I was pretty scared about telling my mum, but I did and she handed me a pad (which I still don’t know which way it’s supposed to go around)!!! Pain wise, I was lucky and didn’t really get cramps but a lot of my friends did. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a face full of acne thanks to the hormones though! Thankfully that’s calmed down the last few years.

    Can you get pregnant during your first period, or “menarche”? What was your first one like? What should people having their first one expect? Do you have any advice?

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    Oh wow I never knew that about your first period!

    Oh no a white skirt! Lucky it didn’t distract you from your game though.

    I was lucky with my first period as I got it when I was at home. I think I was almost 12 and I remember having cramps the day before and my mum just knew because she asked if I had any bleeding so I didn’t feel too embarrassed telling her when I started bleeding the next day.
    I remember being so embarrassed about getting them when I was around friends and at school though! I always thought people would be able to tell.

    I would get really bad cramps, I even went home from school once. When I went on the pill I didn’t get cramps at all (I guess cause it’s a fake period?) but now that I’ve been off the pill for a while my cramps are starting to get bad again.

    I think just being trying to be prepared for your first period (carrying pads/tampons with you) and not feeling embarrassed to talk about it with your parents and friends because it’s a normal part of being a girl and most girls get them!


    Yeah, thankfully no one noticed @goldenrose! Phew.

    Omg yeah, I felt like people at school knew too?? Even though there’s no way they could have without me telling them! Even now I’m still like, do people know? Can they smell me? I don’t think so, but the anxiety is still there.

    Oh no! What are you doing about the cramps now?

    Solid advice about carrying sanitary items with you! I don’t often get my period anymore since I have an IUD, but I always keep some on me just in case – and in case any of my friends get stuck without anything too!


    great topic @tea! I had no idea about the ‘menarche’ – how interesting!

    My first period wasn’t super eventful – I seeing blood in my undies one morning, and I wasn’t too panicked because I knew what it was (thanks mum!). I was mostly just stressed throughout the day – I went to the bathroom so many times because I was sure I would leak everywhere and everyone would know. Luckily I didn’t, and my mum prepared a tiny pack in my backpack of emergency supplies – and I’ve been carrying them around ever since!

    I never had cramps when I was younger – only now in my twenties do I struggle with them! They suck.


    That’s so lovely of your mum @sextronaut! It’d be so cool if schools offered a program for parents on how to set up a supply pack like that and talk to their kids about bodily changes!


    I didn’t know that @tea!

    My first period was my worst one. I think i was about 12, and luckily it was Jeans for Genes day at school and I wore dark denim, so no one could see that I bled right through them!

    I knew what it was but was still a little freaked out and had to call my mum when I got home to find out where her pads where. All we had was a very large night time pad, so that’s what I had to put up with for the rest of the day.

    My first period lasted 12 long days, which thankfully has never happened since!


    Wow 12 days @aunt_flo!!! I wonder how common that is? Maybe @nurse_nettie can let us know?

    Omg how did you deal with having to use the night time pads? I find those things enormous!! It’s like a diaper basically! I feel that way about any pads though tbh


    Hi @tea & @aunt_flo, the experience of periods is really different for every woman. The average length of a period is about 3 to 7 days, however it can last up to 10 days. The cycle length can range from 21 to 45 days. As @aunt_flo had her first period that lasted for 12 days is not common. However since it hasn’t happened again is a sign that it’s not a problem (so no need to worry about this).
    Signs that need to be checked by a doctor include bleeding in between periods, bleeding with sex & periods that continue to be outside the ranges above.


    Ohh thanks so much for clearing that up @nurse_nettie! 🙂


    Well that’s certainly good to know my first period wasn’t abnormal. 🙂


    Omg I just watched this REALLY COOL video about the menstrual cycle! I love the info-graphic and how it talks about different people experiencing different cycles!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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