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    What’s the worst sex-related injury you’ve heard of? I’m talking things that should definitely not have happened in the bedroom happening.

    I started a previous thread about a similar topic where I asked if you should exercise before sex to help with any post-sex cramping: “Exercise before sex?” Which was good because now I know eating a pre-sex banana can help reduce any pain afterwards! Uh, any unwanted pain! 😉

    I’ve had a few friends who get ‘penis cramps’ where the penis kind of, bends a little when it shouldn’t? Can penises even break? Hmm.

    Have you ever injured yourself during sex? Has a partner? Have you heard any stories?

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    Once when we were both drunk and it was dark he wasn’t very careful with where he was aiming and kind of just shoved his penis where ever and sort of stab me around my anus or something, I’m not even sure where exactly but all I know it that it hurt a lot and there was blood! I think it might have just been a really sensitive area or something.

    I’ve also heard of stories of people who know someone getting injured having anal sex but not sure if they’re just myths or not.


    My friend (seriously my friend, not a “well. I have a friend…” haha) had his frenulum (tissue fold under head of penis) tear last week during sex!

    He said isn’t wasn’t that painful, but it freaked him out as you can imagine, as it was bleeding, etc.

    He’s all good now, rested and didn’t use it to let it heal. 🙂


    Omg @goldenrose !! I hope you came out of it okay! I’ve had a few friends who’ve had ‘accidental’ anal that way!

    When they say you learn a new thing every day, they mean it. Frenulum. A word I’ll probably never use again. @will So glad your ..friend is okay after, what sounds like, quite a traumatic experience! Ahh, how does that even happen? I guess we’re a lot more fragile than we think!


    Ha! I’m not alone @goldenrose!

    I have also had accidental anal. I’ve had anal sex before, but this was a dark room, and up until that point it was PIV. The accidental anal really took me by surprise. I bled a little bit and that was definitely enough to completely kill the mood.


    @aunt_flo glad I’m not the only one! The worst part was he wanted to keep going, I was just like “dude I’m literally bleeding from my butt I think it’s time to stop!” ????


    Had to look up the term of a penis cramp and what it consists of and I can confirm it’s totally a thing. Had it happen a few times but never to the point where I had burst a blood vessel down there.
    All my injuries related to sex are from silly things like slipping over whilst trying to do it in the shower etc.

    Holy moly accidental anal. I had heard myths of it but I never thought it was actually possible. Sounds rather uncomfortable.

    I have friends who have had similar experiences with their frenulum’s. They were all super freaked out too. One went to hospital because it didn’t stop bleeding… All good now though!


    @goldenrose omg! I hope you were okay after that?

    wow I didn’t know those kinds of cramps were a thing!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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