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Myth vs Truth
We’re sure you’ve heard a few rumours floating around about sex and STIs. It’s time to set the record straight. Click on M if you think it’s a myth or T if you think it’s True. All answers will be revealed.
  • “STI testing is just too expensive”
  • “There’s nowhere out there where I can get tested”
  • “STIs? Only people who sleep around get them”
  • “I really trust my partner, so we don’t need to use condoms”
  • “Tests for STIs don’t have to involve an examination by a doctor”
  • “I can tell if someone has an STI”
  • “If I go get an STI test, the doctor will tell my parents that I’ve had sex”
  • “You can get an STI from oral sex”
  • “Look, if I needed an STI test, my doctor would know and just test me”
  • “Getting an STI from masturbating is impossible”
  • “Did you know there’s no cure for HIV?”
  • “My friends would be shocked if they knew I was getting an STI test”
  • “Everyone who works at the doctor’s rooms will know I’m there to get an STI test”
  • “Pulling out before cumming means we’re not at risk”
  • “I don’t need to use condoms, I’m in a monogamous relationship”
  • “I’m/ she's on the pill, but we still need to use condoms”
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