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What is sex?

Sex isn’t just penetrative vaginal sex. It can also include oral sex, anal sex and masturbation. Some people may even define sex as any sexual activity. When it comes to sex it’s important that you make sure that the sex you have is always done safely.


How do you keep sex safe?

Safe sex means that you make sure your body fluids and your partner’s body fluids (semen, vaginal fluids and blood) don’t come into contact with each other’s bodies.

If you’re having sex, you can keep it safe by doing 2 things:

  1.  Make sure that you always use a condom.
  2.  Make sure you get tested for STIs regularly.

Do these 2 things and you’re doing the best you can to protect yourself and your partners from sexually transmissible infections (STIs).


Always use a condom. Always.

The safest way to have sex is to use condoms. Get the low-down on the best way to put a condom on and take it off.

Read up on how you can have fun with condoms.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve got some handy tips for you on how to talk about condoms with partners. Want to know where to get condoms?


Getting tested is quick, easy and painless. So do it often.

Getting tested for STIs should be part of your normal health check-up.  If you’re having sex and have never been tested for an STI, it’s a good idea to get tested now. If you’ve had sex with someone without a condom, or you’re experiencing any of the typical symptoms, you should see your doctor about testing. 

Not sure about where you can get tested? We can help you out with that too.


Safe Sex - Always use a condom.

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