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What STI tests do I need?

Did you know that the types of STI tests you need differ depending on the type of sex you’re having? There are a few different types of STI tests –...

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Nurse Nettie reveals the top 10 questions for 2017

Nurse Nettie is a sexual health nurse who has heaps of experience. She’s the perfect person to give you the very best advice for taking care of yourself and playing...

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Get to Know Your Schoolies Superhero!

The most epic week of your life has arrived. You have just finished the HSC and you’re ready to let your hair down on Schoolies! But before your trip starts,...

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Take the test… its easy as!

Taking the test… By getting tested for an STI you’re showing that you care about your health and wellbeing. It gives you a huge advantage and is the responsible thing...

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Condoms: Get the facts

Here are some facts about condoms that you probably didn’t know… Condoms aren’t always made of latex Some of the first condoms ever used were made of animal guts. True!...

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Lumps & Bumps

I’ve been getting questions lately from people worried about lumps and bumps on and around their genitals (penis, vagina, and anal area). To put you all at ease I asked...

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