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    Could you use body oil to masterbate with instead of lube?


    Hey Jason,
    I found an old thread about using body lotions and it seems a few people suggested Coconut Oil to be a good substitution from lube. 

    However, I did just find this link which seems to vote against coconut oil… this is more for sex and using toys though

    @Nurse_Nettie.. any advice for lube alternatives when it comes to masturbation?


    @Jason_101 & @HappyHooHah I’d be careful using anything besides actual lube on genitals simply because products not designed for the genitals may be irritating. Some body oils may have perfumes or essential oils that sting, for example. You can always try a little bit & see how it feels before going full force. 

    Remember that oil based lubes should never be used with condoms because they increase the risk of condoms breaking. There’s no problem using them for masturbation though 🙂 For a general guide to choosing the right lube, check out the info here


    @Nurse_Nettie I don’t have any experience with this scenario however I do have some knowledge with biochem so i am going to second what nurse nettie said, that its important to use lube that is purpose made for being applied to the body and especially genitals as those lubes are precisely worked out to cause as little irritation and or be compatible with condoms and that particular area of the body. Often you will find issues down the track that make you go “Ohhhh so that’s why you shouldn’t use xyz” so it’s often best to stick to a product off the shelf made for it. I wouldn’t take any chances.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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