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What is a dental dam? How to use them and where to find them

Exploring the benefits and purpose of a dental dam Dental dams may not be trending across social media but could this lesser-known barrier method be a good option for you?...

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Been diagnosed with an STI? Now what?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a sexually transmissible infection (STI), you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, worried or unsure about what’s next. It might seem scary but getting an...

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Why we love lube (and you will too)

Have you ever been having sex and noticed that things were getting a bit…dry? It happens to the best of us and there’s a super easy solution. ENTER: lube. Honestly,...

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Let’s talk lube

Lubricant, or lube, increases pleasure for girls and guys, during sex, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Lube is used to decrease friction, which means sex with lube won’t be...

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Vaginal pain during sex

Vaginal pain during sex is more common than you might think. Here, we discuss the different causes of vaginal pain during sex, how you can address it with your partner,...

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