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    Ahhh that dreaded ‘routine’ feeling… and I don’t know about everyone else but for me, when life gets busy, sex happens at the end of the night when both me and my partner are tired and just want to get it over and done with… and at times like those, ‘ain’t nobody got time for foreplay!’ 🙁 

    But I find physical intimacy just as important as an emotional connection so I’ve been really trying to put aside time to make it happen. And I cannot express how important foreplay is!! In fact, I think I prefer it to the penetrative act. I totally agree @MintMilano about how we usually see foreplay as needing to lead somewhere. I mean, has anyone spent time just exploring their partner’s body? With no expectation that it’s going to lead anywhere. It’s so much fun! And you discover sensitive places on your body and you get to know your partner’s erogenous zones better too. 

    Other ideas – it’s cheesy but when you eat together and feed each other, I find that usually ‘starts’ something. And then you can have a bit of fun, turn it up, let it build. 

    Loving the ideas! Thanks all :blush:


    @veryelle I really like your point about taking time to explore a partners body without it needing to ‘lead somewhere’. I feel like this is a pretty rare experience to have, and the option of whatever we feel to be the final destination of sex, can push us there too quickly! 


    @tea, firstly my apologies for the late reply. As for spicing up the foreplay lol not as yet

    Honestly as sad as it is to say we have just both been too busy and tired to do anything about it, but we will though


    I’ve been experimenting with foreplay recently and my FAVOURITE has to be getting a massage – who wouldn’t love it though, haha
    I really recommend giving it a go with some music, candles and we use coconut oil which smells amazing. It always makes me feel relaxed and my partner loves it too.

    One thing I really struggle with is any kind of role play or talking dirty. Does anyone else have the same issue?? I want to laugh at myself whenever I try and sound sexy. I think it comes from a lack of confidence but I know it’s something he would like to do more. Any tips?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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