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    Have you ever experienced a guy who doesn´t like bj´s?
    I have tried this one time, and i am just curious about the reason(s) why a guy may not want a bj.


    Hi @missperry!

    Hmm, there could be a few reasons why someone wouldn’t be interested in a blow job. Mood can have a big impact on sex drive – being tired or having a bad day might be you’re not exactly in the mood for a blow job. They might just not be in the mood, period.

    Another reason could be that they just don’t really enjoy receiving oral sex, which is perfectly normal and just a preference.

    Had you considered any of these reasons before?


    Hi @missperry! I think the acts that people enjoy are completely down to personal preference. I know we get told things like “men think about sex every 2 seconds”, which give the impression that all men are down for everything, all the time. However, many people may have an aversion to acts, such as oral sex, due to past bad experiences, or even simply not enjoying the sensation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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