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    @goldenrose I just looked back at your first post and yes sounds like you’ve come such a long way! It’s so great that our voices are here right now and on platforms like TikTok to share the struggle. Just in the last few days I’ve become so much more positive about my sexuality knowing that others have had the same experience.


    I’m so happy you felt that way after coming out to your boyfriend @stephaniaaaah! That’s so wonderful!

    That nagging voice is just the worse @GoldenRose. It’s funny – my nagging voice was always around when I was alone and thinking about how I felt. I was under zero pressure to question my sexuality, but just sort of had…the feeling I guess that I liked women? It’s so strange that we doubt ourselves so easily! Annoying too!

    I’m glad you’ve been able to find support and be more accepting of your sexuality. 🙂



    I really relate to this struggle Will. I also came from a small and somewhat homophobic town, and it was hard growing up when my sexuality was at odds with the social norm. As a consequence I really had a similar experience to you…

    I think with other gay men its kind of hard to get along with everyone. Because were kind of expected to fit the norm that is gay culture and that can be hard to do. I definitely find going to gay clubs really alienating at times. Personally, I feel like the easiest way to feel comfortable in your sexuality is just do things like that workshop where your involved in the queer community and are around other queer people! Then it becomes something of a norm rather than something you have to work on…


    Just adding some yes, yes, yes to all of the above @stephaniaaaah @aunt_flo @goldenrose. I have come out to my family and friends, but because there is very little ‘evidence’ of my queerness in the form of my relationships, I feel like I have to come out again on an almost monthly basis.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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