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    Has definitely happened to me as when I was younger as I just assumed guys would have condoms on them. I kinda viewed it as their responsibility. I’ve noticed more than ever SO often they don’t have them? I’d say about 50% of my recent encounters the guy has been like “oh sorry I ran out/forget” etc etc and I’m like ????? It’s very frustrating so I’ve started taking matters into my own hands and carry them around now. 


    Way to take things into your own hands @jessica! It’s always best to be prepared and not have to worry about whether others are carrying condoms or not! 


    @jessica I know a few people (with vaginas) who do this now too. Sucks the burden ultimately rests on them but better to be safe than sorry eh?


    @jessica I totally used to feel the same way about it being the penis bearer’s responsibility to carry a condom. When I realised however that it can go both ways, I felt super empowered to to take the responsibility upon myself. 

    I wanted to bring up the whole peer pressure element of condom use. I know that I am pretty adamant about using condoms and have always made it a priority. The one time I didn’t was because in that moment I felt pressured to maintain the atmosphere and present myself as ‘chill’. Thankfully- I was lucky and there were no physical repercussions, but I know it could have gone differently. Has anyone else struggled with this? 


    @NickiPower @CloakOfAsh it is just absolutely bizarre to me, I think these guys are hoping I’ll concede and not use protection, or they just forget, or just aren’t prepared? I don’t know what it is, but it’s exceptionally annoying. What can you do. 


    I feel the exact same way @EarthMama ! I have always been adamant on using them but a few times I haven’t because the guy pushed not to use one in one way or another and I felt that I would ruin the ‘mood’ or be seen as ‘uptight’ or ‘unsexy’ for cracking the shits or insisting. But in those circumstances where I just froze and did nothing or went along with it I felt terrible about myself after that… thinking I knew better and surely Im strong and confident enough to assert myself. So I’ve learned that feeling ‘chill’ or being ‘sexy’ just really isnt worth it when it comes down to it. 

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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