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    In case of sex craving, what are the ways if there is no girl friend. What needs to be done to have intercourse???


    Hey @ark24! Great question, thanks so much for reaching out!
    Sex cravings are totally valid and normal, I experience them pretty often (sometimes at the most inopportune moments!).
    If I don’t have anyone to play with at the time, I find the best way to satisfy those cravings is through masturbation, particularly a super deluxe self-love kind of a session. I like to have a bath to make sure I’m super relaxed and use moisturiser or body oils to touch all over my body – not just the areas that will get the ‘job’ done asap. Make it a full treat yourself session and love all over yourself the way you wish someone else would. Sex toys might also help with this, as well as exploring your fantasies through watching porn.
    If you’re interested in seeking out someone to have sex with, it might be time to start looking at dating or having casual hook-ups. There are some great tips in these threads: Appropriate ways to approach people, How do you make casual sex great? and amazing tips for using dating apps here: Online dating – things you wish you knew, tips and tricks. Dating can be super fun and you can learn so much about yourself and others. Just make sure to be yourself, go in with utmost respect (treat people how you’d like to be treated), communicate openly and frequently and remember that no one ‘owes’ you sex – everyone you have sex or play with needs to be consenting.


    Hey, @ark24 good question! I agree with @sextronaut about the whole masturbation thing. If you’re craving sex, there’s no reason why you can’t just pleasure yourself! If you do desire something more than that, as mentioned, dating apps are probably the way to go! Remember, consent is always needed and is not linear! Consent can be given and withdrawn at any time and it’s best to respect someone’s choices on the matter.

    Craving sex is totally normal though and I hope you find a good outlet where you can feel good in all different types of ways!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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