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    Hey guys 
    I tend to see a bit in the sexual health info and advice I read about condoms for oral sex. Ok I get it, like it’s recommended for health reasons but does anyone else not….? Like I have never pulled out a condom when my gf or previous sexual partners have gone to do oral on me nor have they asked, so I just wonder is it that common or are most people like me and completely skip that note of advice? 
    ps I’m not saying don’t take advice I’m just wondering if other people are the same 


    @jackh hmmm thank you for bringing this up. I really wonder about this too. I am quite sure that the health advice is to use a condom as there are many STIs that can still be transmitted through the fluids involved in oral sex, not to mention genital warts and such. 
    I personally have never used one for oral sex. But I must clarify that I have also not given oral sex to someone whose medical history I didn’t know. So I’ve felt pretty safe. Maybe this is an important clarification. Is oral sex happening in a relationship, or as a one night stand etc. ? 
    Dilemma for sure…


    This is a tricky one @jackh. I haven’t used condoms, but I have also only had one monogamous sexual partner. I agree with @EarthMama that, for me, that helps me justify the risk. I think the choice is about acknowledging your personal risk. STIs like herpes, and even gonorrhoea can be transmitted during oral sex.  

    Some folk definitely do use them – they make flavoured condoms, after all! 


    I know the sexual health advice tells you to use one, I presume that’s why some are flavoured but I have never, not with any of my previous partners or current for that mater


    @jackh a few years ago I had oral sex with a casual partner. We didn’t use a condom and I got oral herpes 🙁 I didn’t really think you could get STIs orally so I didn’t suggest a condom. I don’t know if he knew he had herpes, but I wish he had suggested using a condom or had told me he had it if he knew


    Great question @jackh and despite the advice for comprehensive STI protection including condom use for oral sex, I imagine that a large percentage of people are like you and would often forgo using a condom for a blow job.
    As a young gay man, a lot of the safe sex messages that I have been exposed to revolve around HIV, and unless you have any cuts or open wounds in your mouth, risk of transmitting HIV through oral sex is super low when compared to anal or vaginal sex without condoms. So in terms of HIV I suppose its considered “safer” and people might choose to not use condoms, even with a casual partner. 


    From what people have posted here I guess it’s pretty common to not use a condom with oral sex, though it is certainly safer to use one as @peachy and @MintMilano have said. 

    Definitely on the same page as @EarthMama though in terms of feeling safe because you know someone’s medical history. I guess if you’re in a monogamous relationship you’d know this too (I hope anyway). So while it doesn’t appear to be common, I’d still recommend practising the safest sex that you can and that you feel comfortable doing. 

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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