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    I really like Nuvaring! I wish more people knew about it. Super easy to wear, and you can take it out right away if you have any side effects (which I didn’t). Unfortunately it is not on the PBS (like the Pill is) so it’s more expensive. 🙁


    I don’t think a lot of people do know about it, @Blithe! I don’t know anyone else who is on it/who has tried it, actually. Sounds like a really good, viable option, though.


    Wonder how many people would be interested in the male hormone injection, its quite a few years away but an interesting idea to increase the contraceptive options



    I have the rod as it works really well for people with mental health conditions as it is one less tablet to take.


    I wanted to open this discussion up again because I’m starting to consider my birth control options but I’m on anti-depressants. I don’t want anything that will impact my mood in any severe way! @pommygirl21 mentioned the rod being good for mental health, has anyone else had this experience?


    I have tried both the Implanon (Rod, Bar) and also the NuvaRing (Vagina Ring.)
    The Implanon works so well for me, for a short period of the time that I was using it, I was also on Anti-Depressants and had no issues. 

    It lasts 3 years and I currently have my third one in! I have barely had a period since I started using it. Usually, I will give my body a few weeks break from it in between replacement rods….

    Tried the ring last year and hated it. It caused dark messy discharge for weeks, was generally a somewhat messy thing to use and as much as I was told that your partner most likely wont feel it during sex, he did at times and it made me paranoid and unable to relax and enjoy my sexy times!! It was also pretty expensive… around $30 for each ring and from memory, you had to replace it every few weeks.

    Implanon all the way for me!! Approx $15 for 3 years and no period. WINNING!


    @peachy I’m on the pill and, aside from an adjustment period with my current pill, I’ve not had any issues with my mental health issues. 

    Previously I was on a different pill, which I felt made my anxiety worse so that was one of my motivations for switching. I think, like most birth control, it might take a bit of trial and error until you find something that suits you. 


    @peachy I hope you find something that works for you!!

    I have the mirena which definitely isn’t for everyone because there is a chance of rejection/perforation – but honestly, it’s not as scary as all of those internet forums make it out to be. I’m also taking 100mg of Pristiq and my mood is great!! I feel really happy most of the time (which there are no life hiccups) and I also don’t get my period on this type of contraception! Actually, I was talking to some people at work the other day and they had no idea this was even an option or that contraception could affect your period in any way! Definite need for higher sex education. 

    But yeah please DO speak with your GP about all the options available to you, and how they might interfere with your medication.



    Thanks so much for your help @tea @HappyHooHah @Aunt_Flo

    I’ve just been so nervous about picking one because I’m in such a good place mentally, don’t want to stuff everything up! Saw the doctor yesterday and she wanted to start me on the pill so we could monitor my mood. Initially she prescribed me Yaz because it’s supposedly better for moods but I got the most horrible shock when the pharmacist said it was going to be $90 a month!!!!! I went back to the doctor and asked for a cheaper one (Levlen) so I guess I’ll just see how I go! I’m just on 50mg zoloft so hopefully it’s low enough that there‘s no interaction! 


    Good move there @peachy – that’s so expensive considering how many pills are on the PBS. Fingers crossed for you!

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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