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Even though condoms are literally the only way to protect yourself from STIs and pregnancy during sex, for some reason some people still want to avoid using them. From ‘it doesn’t feel as good’ to ‘I won’t finish inside you’ the excuses are real. We caught up with our Mod Squad to find out how they make sure it’s a yes, yes, yes to condoms every time.

Leave no room for ‘no’

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“I don’t think I ask partners to wear a condom per se – I guess I just don’t really leave the room to say no? 

“In fact, I don’t think I’d like to ‘ask’ to be honest, because it wouldn’t be a question, more of an ultimatum – please wear one otherwise I’m not going to have sex with @aunt_flo

Make it easier and always carry your own condoms

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One of the best ways to ensure you use a condom every time during sex is to carry them yourself. Don’t put your sexual health in the hands of someone else. 

“When I can, I bring condoms with me, and basically say “I’ve got them if you don’t,” @aunt_flo

“Yes to carrying around condoms! I’ve noticed more and more that some people can be lazy with purchasing them (or hoping I won’t want to use them) so you do have to take matters into your own hands,” @purple

“It’s a really good idea to carry them around with you when you can! That’s something I never used to do in the past. If only I could tell my younger self how important it is,” @goldenrose

Embrace the awkwardness

“I totally get feeling a little awkward asking a partner to wear a condom, but it’s just so important to practice safe sex so the potential awkwardness just isn’t an issue for me. I tend to just wait until they’ve put a condom on and truly the mood is rarely lost.” @purple 

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