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    It’s interesting to think of condom brands suiting people differently, just like any other health product! I think it is sometimes easy to forget about individuality and preference when it comes to items like these.
    When I had to buy condoms for the first time I was in the United States, and I was horrified to discover they kept them behind locked glass cupboards in the grocery stores (as if that prevents underage kids from having sex). I was so embarrassed that I had to get my friend to ask the shop assistant to unlock the cabinet. I walked away with a packet of discounted condoms for $1.80- I was on a travel budget and they seemed like a good idea at the time. Spoiler: they hurt!
    What are they cheapest condoms you’ve ever bought? Does high cost always equal quality? 😛 (asking for a friend- obviously!) 


    I completely agree @EarthMama, it’s just not something you think about but it does make sense. I’ve seen a couple of videos of condoms being made and they use a penis-shape mold so if every company created their own mold it would make a huge difference in variety. Not to mention all the different materials and textures and colours and sizes.

    I feel like condoms are one of those things you probably wouldn’t want to go the no-frills budget route with, just as a mental thing and not necessarily because they don’t work. But I do think they can be a bit pricey, especially if your income is limited. I still always grab a handful on my way out of any GP or sexual health clinic 🙂


    That’s great @ElleBelle ! I do feel as if the availability of free condoms is not common knowledge. This is one of the reasons I was so excited to find this on Playsafe:


    Yeah, so many people just stick with their first brand or whatever is on the shelf at coles but why be uncomfortable or not at maximum comfort? 


    @EarthMama I’ve definitely experienced varied reactions from free or “cheap” condoms. I’m not usually the one wearing the condom, if you know what I mean, so I used to just grab handfuls of free ones on my way out of the gay bar. Most of my partners didn’t think twice but there was occasionally guys who seemed to think the free ones were of a lesser quality. I guess it becomes problematic to encourage condom use but then only provide cheap ones that are less desirable? (although I reckon that’s still probably a pretty subjective opinion) 


    I used to just stick with whatever condoms I could get for free at the Uni or from health clinics (cause SCORE they’re free), but a lot of them had like a sticky/chalky type lube on them or they would be too tight in the wrong places for my partner. So I shopped around and we like the Durex FeatherLight ones the best, and the best thing is they sell them IN BULK for cheap at Costco!!!  <3 I think it was $18 for 52 condoms!


    Why have I never thought to buy condoms at Costco?! That solves the budget dilemna 😀

    Also gonna tag in @DeftRat for a brand recommendation!


    Thanks @ElleBelle

    Personally I prefer the thinner condoms, I get more pleasure out of the thinner condoms. Ansell Lifestyles Skyn and Ansell Lifestyles Zero are my preferred condoms 🙂


    Yes, different brands and sizes are out there and can be explored and should be used. You have to learn how to spice it up and also find what works best for you and your partner. Here is a link on the different condom sizes that are out there and can help you.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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