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    That’s right, FREE!! And no, this isn’t clickbait – it’s the real deal! Have you ever found yourself Ready To Go, but were lacking a condom or other safe sex item? No worries, I’ve got you covered – pun intended.

    There are a few projects/services I know of where you can get safe sex stuff for F R E E!! And then some that are seriously discounted – I just bought 100 condoms from SWOP for $20!!!! I don’t know what to do with that many tbh….

    There’s the Credit Card Project, run by Family Planning NSW where you can access a range of super cool free safe sex services (if you’re under 25!)

    “The Family Planning NSW Condom Credit Card (CCC) is a friendly and confidential way for young people under the age of 25 to access free condoms, lube and sexual health information.

    Simply go to a Family Planning NSW clinic or a service that displays the CCC poster or sticker and ask for your CCC. You then receive 12 free condoms every time you present your card at a registered provider anywhere in NSW.”

    Another cool one I’ve found recently is Iloveclaude which offers a cute little safe sex pack, to your home, for free. Insanely cool.

    I’ve linked the services below so you can check them out and the best part is that they’re very discreet so you don’t need to feel embarrassed about having a Good Safe Sexy Time. Do you know about anywhere else that offers free safe sex stuff? Do you struggle with purchasing these items? Does the cost effect whether you practice safe sex or not?

    Credit Card Project / Iloveclaude / SWOP


    Hey @tea such a great post! I know that all of the sexual health clinics in NSW have free condoms too! I used to be super embarrassed getting a taxi/uber to stop at the servo on the way home from a bar with someone I had picked up to get condoms, but then I started to own it, like ‘that’s right’ I’m getting some action tonight. The cost was definitely an issue for me so I did used to take a handful from Family Planning or my doctors when I would go for an appointment. Free condoms for everyone I reckon 🙂


    As a gay man I basically get free condoms thrown at me! All the gay bars usually have boxes or buckets of them somewhere so that if any of their patrons get lucky they can always be prepared. I’ve heard people complain that they’re not the best they’ve ever used and would still prefer buying their preferred brand, but I guess any condom is better than no condom when you really need one, right?


    I agree – great post! I’ve overheard conversations on the train where SUPER young kids will be talking about unprotected sex and it worries me a little – spreading this info is so important.


    Omg, I had a hard time posting here BUT I’d like to let you guys know that Play Safe has their own branded condoms out!! YAY!! If you know any organisations or clinics which could use some, please do check out the link! (There’s tons of other cool stuff you can get too!!) I’ve already nabbed some up for some plans I have for on-campus next year!

    Also thought I would link to some other cool condom threads:


    I really think access free condoms is so important especially for young people. I remember when buying condoms in high school and being soooo embarrassed, I would only buy them if there was self check out and if I had enough money to spare. (same with tampons!).
    I think its so important to make access to safer sex supplies as easy as possible. My local doctor has a condom bowl in the reception and i make sure to grab a few every time i go buy.
    Condom bowls should be everywhere haha!!


    Speaking of tampons @curiousss did you hear they’ve gotten rid of the tax on tampons now?? How freaking cool !!!

    Also totally agree that condom bowls should be everywhere hahaha

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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